Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2012 Mad Memoires Part 3: Young Love

Site 2 – Search the dead streets and forgotten thoroughfares of another lion arch.

Tynna's location in the Sanctum Harbor in Lion's Arch

Head to the Southwestern part of Lion's Arch and into the Sanctum Harbor. Head to the water and make for the 3 islands to the South of the harbor in the bay. Head specifically toward the center one. Dive down when you get to the island itself. There you will find Tynna who is hidden behind an Etheric veil. Use the third option to reveal her and talk with her:
Tynna: “My poor lady, my poor lady. She may as well have died the moment that monster set eyes upon her. He said it was love, but I say it was jealousy. He only wanted her because she loved his brother.”
Hero: “What happened?”
Tynna: “Prince Thorn the Younger cornered my Lady Lyrica in a dark alcove and tried to force her to play 'Prince Oswald Says.' She slapped him, of course, and when he made to retaliate, I put myself between them.”
Hero: “He hurt you?”
Tynna: “Not in front of my lady, no, but soon after, yes. He chased me one night into an alley, and he beat the life from me.”
Hero: “Thank you for your story. I'll make a record of it.”

This will give you Mad Memoires III: Young Love, “In which Os woos Lady Lyrica with graceless verse and uncomfortable silences.”
It comes with the following hints:
Site 4 – Go to the hills and set down black roots in stagnant water.
Site 5 – Find Provernic, where the first king's bones rot in the hills.