Guild Wars 2 – Help the People of Ebonhawke

“Tear down Separatist propaganda, talk down sympathizers, and knock on doors to find potential Separatist hideouts.”

Head toward the center of town. There you will find Fallen Angel Makayla. She will explain more of what the Separatists are after here.
Fallen Angel Makayla: “The Separatists are whipping up unrest in Ebonhawke. They're turning out to be a challenge for the Ebon Vanguard and for us Fallen Angels.”
Hero A) “Tell me how I can help.”
Makayla A) “We need to lock down the Separatists. Locate any of their hideouts in Ebonhawke. Sway any sympathizers you meet. And if you see any propaganda posters, rip them down.”

Hero C) “How do I find a Separatist hideout?”
Makayla C) “If something sounds or looks strange, follow your gut. You can't legally bust into people's homes, but you can knock on a door and see if you spook a Separatist inside.”
Hero A) “What else can I do to help?”

Hero D) “How do I talk down a sympathizer?”
Makayla D) “Most of them are good folk who've lost their faith in the Queen or can't let go of their hatred for the Charr. Maybe a stranger like you talking sense into them might bring them around.”

Hero B) “What's a Fallen Angel?”
Makayla B) “We are a branch of the Seraph that serve as the queen's hand in Ebonhawke. We're here to make sure that Ebonhawke has what it needs while the truce with the charr is being signed.”
Hero A) “What can I do to help?”

As you wander the streets of Ebonhawke it will not be hard to find the sympathizers. They will be very vocal about maintaining things as they are. They do not want a treaty with the Charr. Some you can simply talk with and they will eventually come around, admitting they need time to accept the changes. It is a very big deal out in Ebonhawke as they have been constantly under siege for decades by the Charr. They do not seem to get that this would mean peace and the war around Ebonhawke would stop.

Wander the streets and look to the sides. You will find the occasional suspicious door. Investigating that will call out a Separatist of some nature who will come and attack you. If you are ready, it is nothing too bad to handle. It will take some effort if you are below 25 and only in light armor.

When the renown quest is complete you will get the letter, “A Fire Untended” with 1 silver 50 copper:
“Queen Jennah was wise to anticipate that Ebonhawke would need assistance during this transitional period in our relationship with the charr. I doubt even the queen could have guessed that this kind of aide would come from someone like you. Someone who, without living here, recognized the harm could come with neglecting such delicate social issues. I believe strong that good works should be rewarded, and so I hope you accept this small compensation on behalf of the Fallen Angels – Fallen Angel Makayla.”

Return to Makayla because she will now be selling the following Karma Items:
Broken Flute: 273 Karma
Accessory: +8 Vitality, +11 Condition Damage, Lvl. 30

Thackeray Family Replica Ring: 329 Karma
Ring: +10 Vitality, +13 Condition Damage

Broken Flute: 546 Karma
Accessory: +9 Vitality, +12 Condition Damage, Lvl. 30

Thackeray Family Replica Ring: 651 Karma
Ring: +11 Vitality, +15 Condition Damage

Avocados in Bulk: 77 Karma
Double-click to unbundle 25 Avocados