Guild Wars 2 – Undead Infestation

This is the second mission the “From Howl to Silence” storyline that all Charr participate in. This is the mission for those who chose to side with the Vigil and are off to protect Snowdrift Haven over in the Snowdrift Den. Head to the Northeast of the Haven to find the entrance to the instance itself to begin the mission.

Head over to Gahn Towerbreak to trigger the first cutscene of the mission:
Crusader Gahn Towerbreaker: “It's worse than I thought. The haven's already crawling with undead creatures. We need to clear them out.”
Hero: “Agreed. But what about the amulet?”
Gahn: “It's easier to search a dead body that isn't moving. Let's go!”

Start over to the East to get started on the rest of this. You will find Risen grubs blocking your way at first. They are lvl. 22 and they are also optional to fight. If you want to avoid them just hug against the haven's wall. It will keep you out of their range and avoid pulling them to you.

Once you make it inside you have a good horde of Undead to fight. There are a pair of Risen Grubs as well as 8 Risen Grunts and Brutes, total. Wade into the fight and do your best. Medium and Heavy will not have much trouble. Light armor may want to just stick to blasting in intense damage then letting the NPC's draw the aggro again. If you are confident in your abilities, have at it. It is a good first fight. Be sure to look out for Sagum and take him down. He will be turned into an Undead so be warned. Just kill him again and after the fighting, loot his body. If you have auto-loot enabled, you can do it mid-combat.

Once the fighting is over and the Necromancer is down again, it is time for another cutscene:
Hero: “This amulet of Rissa's was able to summon more than just undead grubs. I don't like it. Howl's grave was empty. He could be out there right now, leading an undead attack against some other haven.”
Gahn: “maybe, but right now, our top priority is getting this amulet back to the citadel. The sooner we understand how it works, the better.”
Hero: “Agreed. With all three orders pitching in to study the amulet, we can figure out how to destroy it – or at least deactivate it.”
Gahn: “Studying is for scholars and spies. They can do whatever they like with Rissa's amulet after we secure it someplace it won't cause any more trouble.”

Head back to the Black Citadel and over to the Hero's Canton. You will find a new instance. There are two conversationas to be had. The first is simply the different characters from the orders talking with one another. After that you have a cutscene.
Scholar Yahala Scribepaw: “The Durmand Priory is looking forward to working with the Citadel on this, Tribune.”
Korukhan the Blacksmith: “As is the Order of Whispers. The dragons want to come at them individually. That's why we shouldn't do it.”
Rytlock Brimstone: “Glad to have both of you aboard. We're going to need reliable information from here on. Not to see the vigil short. Their firepower is always an asset.
Gahn: “No need to flatter me, tribune. I know research isn't the Vigil's strong suit. As long as what we're doing eventually leads to the dragons, we don't mind taking a back seat. Temporarily.”

Hero: “Reporting in, Tribune. We have one of the necromancer's amulet's. Now we just need to figure out how to deal with it.”
Yahala: “Top Priory researchers are standing by to determine how the amulet works, and more importantly, how to neutralize it.”
Korukhan: “My sources say the Inquest has already completed their research on one of the amulets. Why waste time repeating their efforts, when we could just … acquire their results?”
Yahala: “I don't trust the Inquest's methodology. This is too important not to handle ourselves, the right way.”
Gahn: “You scholars and spies know more about the right way to collect data. The Vigil will be standing by when there's action to be taken.”
Rytlock: “It's your call, Centurion. Do you want to assist the Order of Whispers retrieval mission, or the Priory research effort?”

This gives you the choice of helping the Order of Whispers with the mission, “Digging Up Answers” or helping the Durmand priory with the mission, “Dangerous Research.”