Guild Wars 2 – Graveyard Ornaments

This is the third storyline for the Charr, “From Howl to Silence”. Every Charr will participate in it though the paths they will take will be very different. Head up to the Imperator's Waypoint and head tot he South from there to enter into Rytlock Brimstone's Office and into the instance. This one is going to be a lot of talking with no action but it will set you one of two paths that lead to 3 different endings.

Once inside you will find Rytlock waiting for you. Approach and talk with him to trigger a cutscene:
Rytlock Brimstone: “Listen close, Centurion. We've got a serious problem and you're already involved. The orders of Tyria have come to me about one of your soldiers, Howl the Brazen.”
Hero: “Howl's dead, sir. He died fighting Barradin. I've seen his grave.”
Rytlock: “Yes, and before he died, Howl apparently bought a dangerous magical amulet from the necromaner Rissa. Where the amulet goes, the undead follow. Rissa has been distributing them all over the region. The orders want to examine Howl's amulet to see what they're up against. The High Legions want ot forge a working relationship with the orders, so you're going to join their investigation. Reps from the Vigil, Durmond Priory, and the Order of Whispers will meet you at Howl's grave. Confer with all three, but focus on the one most likely to get results. Got it?”
Hero: “Yes, sir. Howl was one of mine. I'll do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of this.”

With that over, leave the instance and you need to head to either the Vir's Gate Waypoint, or if you want some action en route, the Vault waypoint. Either way you will be very close to the entrance of the next instance.

Head to the South once inside the instance to find the people you are looking for. They are talking some then it is onto another cutscene:
Scholar Yahala Scribepaw: “Welcome, centurion. Glad to have you with us. I am Yahala Scribepaw of the Durmond Priory. My colleagues are –”
Crusader Gahn Towerbreaker: “I don't need you to speak for me. I'm Gahn Towerbreaker of theVigil. Glad to have another military mind on this mission.”
Korukhan the Blacksmith: “I am Korukhan, concerned blacksmith from the Order of Whispers. We specialize in covert activity: information, infiltration, and assassination. I'm sure Tribune Brimstone briefed you, but to review: all three orders are dedicated to stopping the elder dragons. Your late 'bandmate may be connected.”
Hero: “I understand the mission parameters. Howl's grave is right there. What are we waiting for?”
Gahn: “See? That's how a military mind works: identify the problem, attack it head on. None of this sneaking around, talking things to death.”
Yahala: “We were waiting for you, Centurion. There's a complication between us and the objective. Namely, a thong of undead grubs.”
Korukhan: “And since this used to be a 'bandmate of yours, we thought it prudent to wait before we dug him up. Now that you're here, though: let's start squashing.”

Time to continue to the South and toward the 9 Risen Grubs that you can immediately see. They are not a hard fight with the aid of the representatives from the various orders. It will still take some time to get them all down though.

Once you have beaten the grubs, head into the cemetery and examine Howl's grave. It does not look good even before you look into matters. This triggers another cutscene:
Korukhan: “No amulet here. There isn't even a body. Either someone dug up your friend, or he dug himself out. If Gahn wasn't so humorless, I might say this is a dead end.”
Gahn: “Go hammer your anvil, blacksmith. The adults are talking. Look, our objective hasn't changed: we still need to secure one of those amulets.”
Yahala: “I'm afraid I must leave that to you two. Without the amulet in hand, I need to confer with my colleagues before the Priory can commit to a course of action.”
Korukhan: “We have the necromancer's records. We know the location of at least two more of Rissa's trinkets. I say we start at Durgar's Homestead. Me and my fellow … blacksmiths do a lot of business there. We have valuable contacts at the location we can't afford to lose.”
Gahn: “Scorch what your associates can 'afford.' The people of Snowdrift Haven have already been attacked, and they need our protection now.”
Korukhan: “You can't save everyone, Crusader. And since our new friend here can't be in two places at once … who are you going to protect, Centurion?”

After the talk, the Durmond Priory needs to bow out for a while. It is between the Vigil and going to help out Snowdrift Haven (“Undead Infestation”) or helping the Order of Whispers and seeking out their contacts in Durgar's Homestead (“Whispers in the Dark”). The choice is yours.