Guild Wars 2 – Help Charradis Estate Ranchers Attend to Cattle

“Catch bugs to feed to cattle, and appease stinky or moody cows.”

Head to the Southern border of the Charradis Estate corral. There you will find Veska Bladesinger. She will explain more of what is going on:
Veska Bladesinger: “You won't find another estate in Diessa Plateau with its cow-racing circuit. Some of our cattle go to the butchers, and others we train for the races. Have you noticed the bugs around the estate?”
Hero A) “Bugs?”
Veska: “We feed them to the cows. They love it. You could call it our special ingredient for breeding winners in the cow race.”
Hero D) “Hm. Is there anything I can do to help?”
Veska D) “If you're up to the challenge, pick up any jar lying around the estate and use it to catch cave grubs. After that, offer the grubs to the cows until you find one that wants to eat them.”
Hero E) “I'll give it a try.”
Veska E) “How about I put a timer spell on you. You'll have to catch the bug and feed it to the cow before the spell wears off. How difficult do you want to make it?”
Hero 1) 1 minute (Easy)
Hero 2) 30 seconds (Medium)
Hero 3) 15 seconds (Hard)

Hero B) “Yeah. I want to catch one.”
Veska B) “All right. How about catching a swarm of Charradis Fly Swarm/Wasp/Firefly/Plains Grubs/Forest Grub?”
    Hero E) “Yeah. I can do that.”
    Hero D) “Remind me how I should catch it?”
    Hero C)“What's the deal with your cattle outside the estate?”

Hero C) “What's the deal with your cattle outside the estate?”
Veska C) “We put the moody ones outside so they don't spread their bad attitudes to the other cows. Same goes for the smelly ones. I swear I see the stink actually rolling off them.”

This is one of the rare Renown quest with quest a few options. When it comes to the bug hunts you will find yourself with a few choices. If you do not think it will work too well, then just let the timers expire and you can get another bug hunt. The difficulty determines how much renown you get. You will be asked to find one of these bugs at random:
Charradis Wasp – They like to hang around water:
Look around the water troughs. It does not take too long to find one. Be careful that you do not pick up one of the water piles on mistake though. There is a Black Bull around the center of the Western side of the fence that likes to eat the wasps.

Charradis Firefly: Like to hang around shady spots:
These are found around Veska herself usually. They are very close to her. Just Swing the Bug Catching Jar to grab them. Look to feed it to one the Brown cows. One can be found close to the center of the corral.

Charradis Fly Swarms: Like to hang around cow pies:
The cow pies are well spread around the area. You will usually find the swarms closer to the edges of the corral. Swing

Charradis Cave Grub: Like to hang around rocks:
Head to the Northern end of the corral. You will find them nearby the rocks here. There is a black bull in the area that likes to eat them.

Charradis Forest Grub: Like to hang around hay:
Head over to the West and scoop them up from the hay that you find around there. Now take the bug to the Black Bull in the Northeastern corner.

If looking for bugs is not your style, head over to the East edge of the corral. You will find some cattle there. They will be moody or smelly. For the smelly cows head into the ranch and grab a bucket of water. Splash them a few time times and they will stop smelling.

Head more to the North to find the moody cows. Talk with them to find out what they want. Simply perform the emote that they desire.
Lonely Cow – /Sit
Dignified Cow – /Bow
Sleepy Cow – /Threaten
Depressed – /Cheer

When you complete this renown quest you will get the letter, “Good Work” with 1 silver and 1 copper attached:

“I like the way you handled yourself around the ranch, 'Hero's name.' You understand what it means to be a member of Charradis Estate. You're welcome here anytime – Veska Bladesinger”

With the renown quest complete head over to Veska Bladesinger. She will now be selling the following Karma Items:
Cattle Prod: 35 Karma
Double-click to receive a Cattle Prod

Buttermilk in Bulk: 35 Karma
Double-click to unbundle 25 Buttermilk.

Engraved Longhorn: 189 Karma
Accessory: +6 Precision Lvl. 17

Engraved Longhorn: 371 Karma
Accessory: +7 Precision, Lvl. 17

Crude Salvage Kit: 28 Karma