Guild Wars 2 – Assist the Quarry Workers

“Repair drilling machines, detonate rock piles, slay dredge, and collapse dredge holes.”

Head over to the Eastern central part of the Bloodcliff Quarry

Wagh Nearshot: “Welcome to Bloodcliff Quarry. Rocks! Dirt! Ore! I can't get enoguh of 'em. Know what I could do without? Those dirty mole rats that keep interfering with our work.
Hero A) “Tell me about this place.”
We miners collect ore for the legions. It might sound menial, but it's a very important job. We feed the war machine.”
Hero B) “What can I do to help?”

Hero B) “Is there anything I can do?”
Wagh B) “Stomp any dredge that you see. They're everywhere, like ants. On top of that, my workers have started  slacking off while on duty. It you catch them, get them moving again.”
Hero C) “Anything else I should know?”
the dredge wreck havoc around here! We've got drills toppling, more patrols, and rock piles to blow up.”
Hero D) “Drills toppling?”
Wagh D) “Dredge are pushing up mounds of dirt, and knocking over our drills. We need to get the drills back up, then find a rock and to collapse the dredge holes.”
Hero: “What else can I do?”

Hero E) “Mole Patrol?”
Wagh E) “There are spots around the quarry where dredge pop up out of the ground. We're not sure if they're spies or just trying to get under our fur, but we have a special tool for dealing with them.”
Hero: “A Special Tool?”
Wagh: “We call it the Mole Whacker. You can grab one over where the dredge pop out of the ground. Use it to chase them out into the dirt.”

Hero F) “Blow up rocks?”
Wagh F) “Any rock that's too large for our hammers gets piles up and rigged with explosives. I'll give you the honor of detonating them, since you're our guest.”

Hero G) “What's up with worker morale?”
Wagh G) “Don't you mean, 'What's 'down' with work morale? It's tough to do our jobs when the dredge won't leave us alone for five measly minutes. Some have lost their will to keep going.”

First, start a circuit around the quarry. You will find there is a lot to do. First, is repairs. You can look around for drilling machines. Simply approach and interact with them to complete the repairs. As you wander around you will eventually find rock piles that you can interact with. Do so to blast them apart.

You will also find small dredge holes in your wandering. You need to find a boulder, bring it over to the hole and interact with it. This will stop it up for a good while, dropping any dredge from coming up. You will also find it is not hard to encounter dredge to just beat down. If you head to the Northwestern, Southwestern, Southeastern corners of the quarry you will be able to grab a mole whacker and smack around some dredge with it. It is a simple and easy way to make progress with this quest.

Next up is dealing with the lazy miners. They can found in various locations, either on the Western or Eastern edge of the quarry. Just approach and talk with them. You get to make a personality choice with each so take advantage of it. This is not a bad way to shape up your personality need be.

When you are all done with the renown quest you will get the letter, “Rock Solid Work, 'Hero's Name'”, with 1 silver, 1 copper:
“It's talent like yours that makes my job a joy. While my quarry workers constantly complain, you were unflagging in your efforts. That's all a quarry operator could ask for.

“Thank you - Wagh Nearshot”

Return to Wagh Nearshot as he will now be selling the following Karma Items:
Iron Mining Pick: 49 Karma
used to mine Iron and Silver ore, and all other lesser metals

Polished Stone: 189 Karma
Accessory: +6 Condition Damage, Lvl. 17

Iron Band: 224 Karma
Ring: +8 Power, Lvl. 17

Polished Stone: 189 Karma
Accessory: +7 Condition Damage, Lvl. 17

Recipe: Hammer: 126 Karma
Weaponsmith: 50. Double-click to learn.

Recipe: Mace: 126 Karma
Weaponsmith: 50. Double-click to learn.

Crude Salvage Kit: 28 Karma