Guild Wars 2 – Assist Lakor Grizzlemouth in keeping Meatoberfest running smoothly

“Take food and ale to soldiers, but keep the inebriated ones in check. Boost the spirits of dejected soldiers, dispatch anyone who tries to hinder the celebration.”

Head into Butcher's Block. You will find Meatoberfest going strong. Head to the center of town and talk with Lakor Grizzlemouth. He is the one to talk to so you can learn more about this festival and how your hero can help out with it:
Lakor Grizzlemouth: “Meatoberfest! Rowrr! It's all about the meat. Grilled, fried, brazed, boiled and raw! Good fun to be had by all. Too much fun by some. And we've got our party crashers too, unwanted guest.”
Hero A) “Sounds fun. How can I be of service?”
Lakor A) “Spread the spirit of Meatoberfest! Everyone can eat or drink as much as they want. An occasionally brawl now and then would be nice too. Nonstop meat roasting! Most importantly, try not to let anything ruin our holiday.”

Hero B) “So, was Meatoberfest your idea?”
Lakor B) “Who remembers? Meatoberfest is one of our biggest festivals here on the Diessa Plateau. It draws revelers from all over the area. Next year is our tenth year!”

First, there is food and drink to be shared around the area. Head to the Meat Rack to get meat for people. The Meat can be eaten for a quick shot of healing. Still, you can get credit for bringing it to the Bottomless Stomach Soldiers. You can find meat and bring it to any of the fire pits for the roasting as well.

Next up is the booze. There are a few ale carts spread around. You can grab ale from each and bring it to the Unquenchable Thirst Soldiers who are around. They can also be given to a few soldiers found around the area.

Now, you have some inebriated soldiers around the camp too. Talk with them and they will want to fight you. Just beat them down. Only a few of them will want to fight but as it is one on one, it should be some quick credit and experience.

When you finish the quest you will get the letter, “The Celebration Continues” with 98 copper:
“Hello, 'Hero's Name,'

“You've made quite a name for yourself around Butcher's Block. In fact, among some, your name is now synonymous with meat. And that's a high honor, indeed – Lakor Grizzlemouth”

Now head back to lakor Grizzlemouth as he is now selling the following Karma Items:
Charr Meatoberfest Chalice of Force: 336 Karma
Focus, Weapon Strength: 206 – 219, +13 Condition Damage, Minor Sigil of Force (+1% Damage), Lvl. 20

Meatoberfest Souvenir Spoon: 175 Karma
Accessory: +6 Precision, Lvl. 15

Meatoberfest Souvenir Spoon: 350 Karma
Accessory: +7 Precision, Lvl. 15

Recipe: Sword: 126 Karma
Weaponsmith: 50, Double-click to learn

Recipe: Cleaver: 126 Karma
Weaponsmith: 50, Double-click to learn

Recipe: Meat Carver: 126 Karma
Weaponsmith: 50, Double-click to learn

Recipe: Greatsword: 126 Karma
Weaponsmith: 50, Double-click to learn

Crude Salvage Kit: 28 Karma