Guild Wars 2 – Unwelcome Visitors

This is the fourth mission in the College of Statics storyline for the Asura. You need to head into Michoan Marsh to find the Inquest Base and reclaim the stolen artifact.

Once you are inside the instance things are very straight forward to start. Follow Mr. Sparkles into the Marsh and over to Zojja. Time for a cutscene:
Hero: “Mr. Sparkles here says you're less than happy. What's the problem?”
Zojja: “This feculent hog of a door is my problem. Teyo installed some new secruity method that I can't crack. Augh, it's maddening. I've tried everything I can think of, but all it does is play the same message over and over. Care to take a look?”
Hero: “I'm pretty good at puzzles. Sure, I'll give it a try.”
Zojja: “Use the terminal by the door, and hurry. The sound her voice is driving me into a killing frenzy.”

Wait for a minute as Teyo goes through her speech and just proves to be evil. Listen to the message again and them press your own number keys to active the actions during the message. The door will open for you then.

Once inside, move carefully as Teyo rants about you getting in. There are a number of defenses that need to be defeated. Taer through them, as most are lvl. 5 to the to the stairs in the back of the corridor. Turn to the left and take them up. You will have a few more turrets and the like to get through.

Fight your way up and to the right. You will eventually find Teyo behind all her guards and golems. Time for a cutscene:
Zojja: “Hello, Teyo. We made it past your security. Why do you look so concerned? Don't tell us we caught you with your pants down.”
Teyo: “On the contrary, my pants are securely fastened. Don't act so smug. I've been set ahead of you since we met, and now I'm about to step on your heads. Your artifact is safely here, and now I get to kill you all without leaving the room. It's a like a free victim-delivery service.”
Hero: “It's not free, Teyo. Stealing my krewe's hard work is going to cost you a lot.”

Time to fight Teyo. She will pull out her trustly rifle and some call some aid. Keep on the move if you are on the frail end. Otherwise just move in and start pounding on her. Her guards will occasionally be troublesome so where they will rank varies. For the lightly armored, take them out first then focus your efforts on Teyo.

When you take down Teyo you have another cutscene:
Hero: “We got what we came for. Teyo's piece makes three out of three. They fit together perfectly … now, what do you think it is?”
Zojja: “That's easy. I'd recognize the design aesthetic anywhere. What we're looking at is a key to a certain ancient genius' lab. Ever heard of Gadd?”
Hero: “Of course! I learned all about him in my studies at the College of Statics. He was one of the best. And this is the key to his old lab?”
Zojja: “The lab that no one's been able to ope in over two hundred years. And we're going to be the fisrt ones to see what's inside since old Gadd himself.”
Hero: “The VOED continues to deliver. Meet me at Gadd's lab and we'll see what a historic genius wanted to keep to himself.”

With that you are off to the final mission for the College of Statics: “Gadd's Last Gizmo.”