Guild Wars 2 – Unscheduled Delay

This is the fourth mission for the Asura who choose the College of Statics. This followed the path

Zojja: “All right, Savant. You've impressed me so far, but it's time to raise the stakes. It's two of us against a whole Inquest caravan. We need an edge, and I've got one right here. Think you can handle one of my special golem rigs?”
Hero: “Are you kidding? I took my first steps as a golem pilot the same day I learned to walk with my feet.”
Zojja: “Good. Suit up and get yourself situated. They'll be here soon.”
Hero: “I'll be ready. But who do keep them contained? If they run –”
Zojja: “They won't get far. I've had Mr. Sparkles set up a blockade on the bridge. Once they're in position, they'll have nowhere to go.”

Golem Abilities:
Punch: Range: 120

Launch Fist: “Launch the fist of the Hazmat suit at enemy.”
Range: 450, Activation: 1.25s Cooldown: 2s

Whirling Assault: “Spin the upper portion of the hazmat suit, knocking back enemies.”
Range: 135, Activation: 6s, Cooldown: 30s

Gatling Fist: “Shoot a barrage of missiles at target enemy.”
Range: 900,  Activation: 7s, Cooldown: 18s

Self Repair: “Engage the hazmat suit's self-repair mechanism.”
Range: 1,000, Activation: 5s, Cooldown: 30s

With all that sorted out, start going to the East, toward the marker. It is time to deal with a large group of Inquest. You will find them engaged with Mr. Sparkles just before the entrance to the bridge. There are a lot of them so get ready for a nice fight. There are 8 Inquest and 1 golem to take down in this fight. Just keep at it. It takes a lot of time to get them all, even with Mr. Sparkles and Zojja backing up up.

Once the fighting is done, look over the wreckage of the caravan to find the artifact shard that you are looking for. Start away from the wreckage to trigger the next part of the event. You will be facing down Teyo in a golem with a pair of them as support for her. Take them on. Once Teyo goes down, she will disembark from the golem and fight you normally. Vound away on her to finish her off. She will just be shooting you otherwise. Deal with what remains of her forces and then it is time for another cutscene:
Hero: “That's the third piece. I don't know exactly what this thing is, but at least now it's complete. What do you think, Zojja?”
Zojja: “I think I recognize that symbol and design aesthetic. Both belong to one of the greatest geniuses who ever lived. Unless I miss my guess … and really, what are the odds of that … this artifact we've been putting together is the key to Gadd's lab.”
Hero: “Gadd? He's a legend. At college, we Statics spent a whole year studying his work. Nobody's been inside his lab for centuries.”
Zojja: “That's about to change. Not a bad day's work, eh? Inquest: defeated. Artifact: recovered. Access to a historical treasure trove: acquired. I need to return the golem rigs to my workshop. Meet me at Gadd's lab, and we'll be the first to see what he's been hiding all these years.”

That will complete this mission and let you move onto the final one for the College of Statics, “Gadd's Last Gizmo.”