Guild Wars 2 – Piece Negotiations

This is the second mission for the Asura who chose the College of Statics origin. You must use the VOED to begin seeking out the next piece of the artifact. Get started inside the instance and head over to the Southwest. You will find the entrance to your lab without much trouble. You want to make it over to the Engaged Demo Station Point of Interest. Just wait for a moment and it is time for a cutscene:
Kozzak: “You need to come see the progress we've made. That thing the VOED found for us is amazing. Also you're right: it's part of a larger whole or a … matched set. Or something. Anyway, there have to be more like this one out there.”
Pokka: “We've synchronized the detection wave with our larger global positioning sysytem to achieve long and short ranged scanning capability.”
Hero: “So the global system gets us into range, then the VOED pinpoints the exact location. Perfect! When can we go after the other pieces?”
Pokka: “That right there is why you're my krewe chief. We're almost done calibrating the global system. Once we have coordinates, we can head out and start picking up the pieces.”
Kozzak: “Hear that Shrieksy? We're going on a relic hunt!”

Head over to the VOED and it is time to run some calibration on it. Just after that one of the golems will detect an intruder. Head to the North then turn to the East when you can. There is an single Inquest Infiltrator that needs to be subdued. Between you and the Golem it will not be long. Talk with them to trigger the next cutscene:
Inquest Infiltrator: “Idiots. You think you've beaten us? Ha! I was the Easy Way. Now we'll just have to do things the Hard Way. Nothing can prepare you for the unfettered fury that is an Inquest attack squad. Go on, bed and plead, void your bowels in terror. It'll do you no good.”
Kozzak: “This guy's a few anodizing terminal short of a coating array. I say we feed him to Shrieksy.”
Hero: “The Inquest has never had any interest in our krewe's research until now. They must want whatever the VOED is detecting.”
Pokka: “Or the VOED itself. I, for one, am not inclined to give them either.”
Hero: “Agreed. Ma'am, if you can gather everyone else at the front entrance, Kozzak and I will handle the rest. And by that I mean we'll mine the entrance to give the Inquest a nice, warm welcome. We'd better hurry – if this maniac is right, they're already on their way.”

Time to get started on that plan and get ready to face a small horde of Inquest. Head to the Northeast and up the stairs, back toward the entrance. You will find a few carts with various items you can use to defend the College. Start with the Defense Turrets (and that cart is the closest one to you from the stairs) then move onto the mines, you get 2 at a time, and golems that you can deploy. When you see the quest text itself start to flash you are running out of time.

At first you have 5 overloaded golems that will come in and explode just after the touch down. After them you are given some time to repoisition your defenses for the second wave. It is another wave of overloaded golems that explode. This time there are closer to 8 of them.

In the next part you have another pair of golems but they are a prelude to a few waves of Inquest attackers. You will encounter a good variety of Inquest. You have to get through them but with the turrets and the golems will make quick work of them. When it is all over Teyo will appear. Approach and talk with her. Time for another cutscene:
Teyo: “Well played, Pokka. Time for the hardest way: we've planted explosives all along the cliffs overhead. Give me the artifact or we'll bury this place.”
Kozzak: “You skritt-shaving devils. You'd threaten this entire community, all these innocent people, just to steal our discovery.”
Hero: “It's all right, Kozzak. Let them have it. It's not worth the risk.”
Teyo: “Spoken like a true also-ran. 'Snaff Prize Winner.' Ha! I'd pity your weakness, if it wasn't so amusing. Thanks for the treasure, losers!”
Pokka: “That was very slick, Savant. Let them have that piece. We know there are more, and we still have the VOED. We can collect them before the Inquest does.”
Hero: “And then we force Teo to give us back the first one. Pokka, I'd like Zojja to join us. We're going to need all the help we can get.”
Pokka: “Capital idea! You and Zojja handle the search. I'll send word to Zojja and have her standing by. Kozzak and I will start cleaning up here.”

That will finish out this part of the storyline. Time to move onto the next part of the quest: “Readings on the rise.”