Guild Wars 2 – Defusing the Problem

This is the fifth and final mission for the College of Dynamics Asura Storyline. This is for those who have opted to defuse Doxa from the MIG. You need to head over to the Metrica Province lab.

Once inside the instance start over to the West. You will find your lab very easily that way. Wait through the dialogue between Zojja, Kazz and Hronk. When Hronk gives the order, head behind the golem and interact with the extractor there. This will begin the process of extracting Doxa from the golem's interface.

As the process has begun, the Inquest will of course attack now. The initial wave is small, only 4 – 6 of them. All of them, unless otherwise stated, will be Lvl. 10. You will find a small variety of Inquest agents, mostly Engineers. Just pound away on them. The second wave will follow closely behind the defeat of the second. This one is about the same size over all. Just defend the MIG as best you can. This will help a lot with the progress of the extraction. Finally, there is a third wave that is much smaller than the second. These are still lvl. 10.

After the third wave it is time for a cutscene after Doxa plays a quick joke on Kazz:
Teyo: “Plagiarist! Saboreurs! That's Inquest property. I've come to shame you into giving it back. Oh, and snuff you all for stealing it.”
Zojja: “You couldn't snuff a sputtering candle. And before I forget: Plagiarist? Saboterus? Coming from you and the Inquest, that's hilarious.”
Teyo: “You broke into our facility to steal our research for a golem design you also stole. What would you call it?”
Hero: “We'd call it saving our friend. I'll answer for stealing your tech when you answer for using it to commit atrocities.”
Zojja: “What do you say, Teyo? Shall be all go before the Arcane Council and see whose golem fusion project is most objectionable?”
Teyo: “Hmmm. No deal. I guess I'll just have to take back what's mine and eliminate all you witnesses.”

Time to take on Teyo. She has no stated level but with everyone pounding away on her, it will not take too long before you defeat her and finish out the storyline. After you defeat her, there is one more cutscene:
Hronk: “Well done, krewe. We saved Doxa and beat the Inquest at its own game. I've never been so proud. Everyone gets an extra hour for lunch tomorrow!”
Hero: “That's … generous, sir, but I think Doxa and Kazz may need more time than that. They've been through a lot. Don't worry, though: I'll cover their duties.”
Doxa: “Thanks for that. I feel like I could sleep for a year. And whenever I try to think, I still hear a metallic vboice in my head that says, 'Work-ing.'”
Kazz: “It could be worse. If things had gone differently, you could have been reduced to a voice in the MIG's head. And then who would keep me honest?”
Hero: “Go on, you two. Enjoy some downtime. I'll keep things running smoothly until you're ready to return.”
Hronk: “Before we let these two lovers go, we still have to decide who gets the title 'Snaff Prize Savant.' I can't see anyone objecting to it being you. You were instrumental in constructing the MIG, and in getting Doxa out of it. Any objections? No? Good! Wear your title with pride. You've earned it.”
Zojja: “Congratulations, Savant. I'll be keeping an eye on you. Standouts like you are worth watching … and worth putting to work. See you soon.”

This will complete the College of Dynamics Storyline for the Asura. With that you will move onto the storylines for your first invention.