Guild Wars 2 – The Things We Do For Love

This is the fifth and final mission for the Asura from the College of Dynamics. This is the mission for those who chose to side with Kazz and his desire to be placed inside a golem to join Doxa in her position to be with her.

Once inside the instance by Desider Atum head over to the East. As you cross the bridge there is a cutscene:
Zojja: “We'd better a move on. There's a lot to do and it's only a matter of time before the Inquest comes looking for us. Plus, the Council is still stroopy about Doxa' rampage at the Snaff Prize competition. We can't afford to cause any more destruction. I can disable the Peacemaker Golems so they'll leave us alone, but there are too many bystanders. We can't afford the complication of people getting hurt.”
Hero: “Leave that to me. I'll tell a few tall tales and get every extranous person out of harm's way quickly, with a minimum of fuss.”
Zojja: “Good. Hronk is waiting inside with another golem for Kazz. You do your think, clear the area, and then we'll get started.”
Kazz: “You hear that, my little alloyed flower? Soon we shall be together again, together forever. As long as you still love me, I can face anything. Do you still love me?”
MIG: “Affirmative. Thank you, loved one Kazz.”

Time for you now to create that distraction that was mentioned earlier. Once you get inside the lab you will be presented with the first personality choice. Choose whichever you like the most. This will get people charging on out of the area. There will be a brief pause as a golem asks you to submit the MIG to a scan. Zojja will disable it.

Now head on up the steps to the second area, which is in the Northwestern part of the complex. Once again, you will be presented with a personality choice. This will clear the second area very quickly, regardless of the choice. Now head over to the East to reach the final area where you will find Hronk and the unnamed Golem that has been prepared for Kazz. You need to wait for the rest of the group to get there as Zojja overrides the various Peacemaker golems that are in their way. You can either wait with Hronk or them. Once everyone is there, it's time for another cutscene:
Hero: “You look like someone who's having second thoughts. It's not to late to turn back, you know. This will be incredibly dangerous.”
Kazz: “No. The closer we get, the more I realize how right this is. Doxa and I are meant to be together, and this way, we'll be together forever.”
Hronk: “Quit goldbrinking, you two! We're running the final diagnostics now. While we're waiting, we need a name for the Kazz's new body.”
Kazz: “I've got that covered, sir. Since Doxa occupies that Massively Impressive Golem, or MIG, mine will be the Other Massively Impressive Golem, or OMIG.”
Zojja: “Really? Well, it's your body. At least your wordplay is consistent. Let's get this over with before I laugh myself into a humor-based apoplexy.”

Now it is time to start the fusion process. It will not be too long before Kazz is safely infused into his new body. Turn around and head on outside the cave you were working in. As you head outside the nearby golems will go hostile and start attacking you. The Inquest have found you and are determined to stop the experiment from getting way. Start heading toward the Southeast and get out of the area. This does mean that you can just head over to the South and jump the railing. Once there it is time for another cutscene as Teyo makes her appearance for this story:
Teyo: “All right, you mental midgets! We're here to take back what you stole from us. Oh, and snuff you out for taking it.”
Zojja: “Oh, is that why you've come here? Because all we have for you are contusions and lacerations.”
OMIG: “Affirmative. MIG and OMIG are fully functional. Our golematic love is stronger than the Inquest. We will now demonstrate by beating sad Inquest into paste.”
Hero: “Hear that, Teyo? These golems mean business. And so do we. Let's go, people! They only way to safety is over the Inquest's broken bodies!”

Now it is time to start fighting Teyo and her krewe. There are quite a few to deal with. Mostly Golems, but you have at least 3 on your side, plus Zojja. Take your time facing them down and take on any Asura that you see first. The Technicians in particular are something to focus on as they can repair the golems. Work carefully and do what you can to help everyone get back on their feet as they go down. This will make what could be a long fight much shorter.

Beat them all down to finish out this segment of the mission and the storyline. When they have gone down then it is time for one more cutscene:
MIG: “Together again, loved one Kazz. But we've antagonized the Inquest and the Arcane Council. Tell me, are we truly free?”
OMIG: “We are, my lumbering metal cherub. Our will be a hard road, with many obstacles, but we will flatten them all with appropriate force. Thank you, former krewemates. We will never forget what you did for us, as I am now writing it to long term memory. Until we meet again.”
Hero: “Now what I'd call a traditional romantic partnership, but I suppose it takes all kinds. In a way, I envy their happiness.”
Zojja: “Really?”
Hero: “Nah. But I wish them the best, all the same.”
Zojja: “I like how you keep a cool head in the face of remarkable weirdness and still get results. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on you.”
Hronk: “I guess the only thing left to do is name the Snaff Prize Savant. Since it's down to just you and me, and I'm feeling magnanimous, congratulations! The title is yours.”
Zojja: “Keep up the good work, Savant. As the big metal lovers just said: until we meet again.”

Leave the instance, read the letter that Zojja sends you to completely finish out the quest as she needs you help with your first invention. It is time to move onto the next storyline.