Guild Wars 2 – Monkey Wrench

This is the fourth mission in the College of Dynamics storyline for the Asura. The Hero with Zojja and their krewe are headed for the Inquest Base known as the Funhouse. This is found to the Southeast of the Old Golem Factory Waypoint in the Metrica Province.

Once inside the entrance approach the gate blocking your way. There are only so many things you can do to a sealed gate. Smash it up and get through it. Once inside head over to the West. You will encounter a trio of Inquest Extinguishers, all Lvl. 8 as you approach the bend. Take them on to get a feel for what is happening here.

After you turn to the North you will find that there is another trio of Inquest operatives waiting fro you.  This time it is a Mark I Golem and 2 Engineers. Once they are down you will need to turn your attention to the sides of the lab. From there you will be  fired upon by Anti-Personnel Turrets. Take them out to clear your way forward.

Head through the next archway and you will find more Inquest to deal with. It starts with another Engineer in your way. After them is a big group of Inquest to deal with. They are a mix of Engineers, Extinguishers and Technicians. The good news is you can easily pull them, with some effort, in pairs. This helps a lot to avoid you getting mobbed. Just beat them down.

You are to attack the Soul Cell Generators, which are your next targets. Do understand that doing so will release contained Risen Brutes that are inside. It is not bad if you want to collect a few more items or get more experience. Smash them up and take care of the Risen inside as well as the Deranged Citizens or Ettins. There are a total of 6 of these things to smash up. It takes some time. At least the generators themselves break quickly.

When you smash the final soul cell, then the barrier will drop. Time for you to face 2 Mark II Golems, Lvl. 8, that have been imbued with souls. Take them on quickly. The Golemancer really is not a good Asura. Kill them, as well. Once they are down, head into the room behind them. Now go over to the Metaphyic Fusion Device. Inspect it to trigger a cutscene:
Zojja: “Wait: this won't work. You saw the lab full of failures there. The Inquest golems were out of control, dangerous … more golem than pilot. I think the Recursive Feedback Device only fuses people to golems. I don't think it can extract a person from one.”
Hero: “Can we repurpose it, make it do what we want? If we do nothing, we could lose her entirely. We have to try.”
Kazz: “That may kill her anyway. There's another option: we use the Inquest device to put me inside anothjer golem. Then at least Doxa and I can be together.”
Zojja: “That's crazy. You could both die, or have your personalities subsumed. Then you'd just helpless watch as your golem bodies go bonkers.”
kazz: “It's worth it … for her. She's everything to me. Listen, I know I'm not thinking clearly here. You're our friend, our krewemate, and I trust you. I need your input. Should we try to extract Doxa, and maybe kill her? Or fuse me with a golem, and maybe kill us both?”

It is time to make the choice of this storyline. If you attempt to fuse Kazz with a golem you will begin the mission, “The Things We Do For Love.” If you opt for the attempt to defuse Doxa from the golem you will begin “Defusing the Problem.”