Guild Wars 2 – High Maintenance

This is the third mission for the College of Dynamics. You need to seek out Zojja and request her aid in extracting Doxa from the MIG's interface. Head on outside the starting city and over to the West. It does not take too long to reach the Incomp Optics Lab.

Once inside the instance just head over to the East and into the lab itself. Head through the majority of the Lab and into the back of it. There you will find Zojja in the very back with the golems. Cutscene time:
Zojja: “We're set to go. I've cleared the lab so we'll have the space and privacy we need, and also so no random observers get killed. I'd love to solve the problem for you. The MIG is so promising, almost up to Snaff's standards … sorry. Back to business: Diagnostic examination. This lab is the perfect place to run a full battery of tests. There's good equipment here and more importantly, it's not mine. So I won't care if it gets damaged.”
Kazz: “I'm not entirely sure about this. Will the process hurt?”
Zojja: “Of course not. Golems don't feel – well, they don't usually feel pain. This may be a special case, though. We'll just have to forge ahead. I suppose we could ask the Inquest. They do fusions like this all the time. Usually with people they don't like, which is a pretty long list.”
Hero: “No thanks. We set out to find an alternative to the Inquest method. We don't need more data on sacrificing sentient being to improve golem control.”
Zojja: “A wise decision. Now let's sort out the Doxa situation.”

Now it is time to begin the testing of the MIG. Head over to the left and start the first test. This will trigger a projection of Teyo to appear. She will make it clear that the Inquest have taken over the MIG using its tampered capacitors. She will then turn all the golems in the area against you. This will pit you, Kazz and Zojja against at least 6 golems. They are all lvl. 6. The MIG will hang around and start attacking as well but it seems to be on your side. Thankfully Mr. Sparkles stays on Zojja's side.

Get through the initial wave of golems as a second one will appear, a STA/B-0 golem. It will appear with a pair of Mark I's in tow to attack you and your party.  Focus on the STA/B-0 golem use Area of Effect attacks to take care of the more fragile Mark I's. When the fighting is done, Hronk will appear and it is time for another cutscene:
Hronk: “I'd like to lodge a formal complaint, Zojja. The examination prospectus you provided never mentioned explosions, fires, or hacked golems.”
Zojja: “Better get used to it. All that's just a prelude to what's in store if we keep crossing paths with the Inquest.”
Hero: “Which we will, because Teyo wants the MIG. And we want their know-how on fusing sentient souls to golems.”
Kazz: “Will that help? I mean, Doxa seems calm enough now, so she's adjusting to her new situation. Inquest machinery could just drive her mad again.”
Zojja: “That's a risk we have to take. If we don't separate her soon, she won't be Doxa anymore. We need to access the Inquest lab known as the Funhouse. The Inquest's data, combined with my expertise, gives us a chance. A statically small chance, but that's better than what she has if we do nothing.”
Hero: “All right, then. Let's head for the funhouse … though I doubt it'll be much fun for anyone involved.”

That will conclude this mission and let you press onto the next mission, “Monkey Wrench” in the College of Dynamics storyline.