Guild Wars 2 – Golem Positioning System

This is the second storyline mission for Asura in the College of Dynamics. You need to head back to your lab and entrance the instance there. It is time to find out what the Inquest seem to have done to your newly made golem.

Once inside the instance it is time head to the Northwest. Just head straight forward into the lab that is sitting in front of you. You will find Hronk there waiting for you by a massive device. Time for a cutscene:
Hronk: “Before we proceed, I want to make it clear: we won the Snaff Prize, but we can't decide who gets the 'Snaff Savant' title until we recover Doxa and the MIG. Now, then. I just finished calibrating my Aetheric Harmonizer for the tracking device in the MIG. Once we activate it, it'll pinpoint Doxa's location.”
Kazz: “Then what we waiting for? I mean, please, sir, let's activate it right away. I'm worried about Doxa.”
Hronk: “I can see that. But I'm worried that your … personal concerns are distracting you. The startup sequence is more complicated than flipping a switch you know. Ergo, I want you on the harmonizer core to make sure the apparatus doesn't overload, while your krewemate here fires it up.”
Hero: “Consider it done, sir. Kazz isn't the only one who needs Doxa back. She's funny, and without her, productivity has dropped by 43 percent.”

Now, you need to listen to Hronk as he explains that the 3 consoles aligned in front of the Harmonizer. The sequence is randomized for each instance so you need to pay attention to which console and where in the sequence it fires. Thankfully there are only 3 of them. Move back quickly so you can clearly see what is going on in front of you. Write down the order need be. If you missed it, just talk with Hronk again and he will fire it up. The same applies if you make a mistake in the sequence.

When you do succeed at getting the startup sequence you will learn that the MIG is actually very close. It will come charging in. Time to fight the MIG and take it down. It is a lvl. 4 golem. Thankfully it does not seem to have any different attacks from the other golems you likely have faced around the area. Just take it on at full force. Remember that golems are melee focused. It is the only foe for this mission. It is also seeking out a specific target here. It will be running around the area looking for it, Kazz. You will need to take it down to half or less life a few times before you can finally disable it. When you do it is time for a cutscene:
Kazz: “Did you hear that? Doxa was in there, calling for me. But why was she so out of control, so destructive?”
Hero: “Her mind has been fused with the MIG's command protocols. She's confused, in pain, and struggling to adjust to a whole new consciousness. I'd say that's also why she went berserk at the demonstration: the initial shock must have been painful. I hate to say it, but getting her out will be tricky.”
Hronk: “A definate understatement. I've reviewed reams of recovered Inquest records, and according to them no one has ever been un-fused from a golem. I'm sorry, Kazz. Doxa may already be dead. Those words you heard could just be echoes of her former self.”
Hero: “Don't panic yet. Zojja is the foremost authority on golems in the world, and she already stated her interest in the MIG. If anyone can help, it's her.”
Hronk: “Perhaps there's hope, then. I know Zojja's doing some work at the Incomp Optics lab outside the city. You'd better follow up with her in person.”
Kazz: “I'm ready. Please, for Doxa's sake, let's take with Zojja right away.”

That will complete the mission and it is time to move onto the next College of Dynamics mission, “High Maintenance.”