Guild Wars 2 – In Snaff's Footprints

This is the first Asura Storyline Mission for those who chose the College of Dynamics. Head on out from the starting point, complete one of the renown hearts and then it is time to start into this story mission.

Head over to the Central part of the Battleground Plaza, where your gathered krewe is and talk with them. After some dialogue you will enter a cutscene with them:
Hrok: “Panic time! Our Massive Impressive Golem isn't working, and the judges are waiting. It functioned perfectly back in the lab. I'm at a loss. Having the best pilot and the best pilot/golem interface won't matter if it just stands there. I was sure we'd win! Snaff was a golemancer, after all!”
Hero: “Let me take a loot. I know this baby like the schematics were tattooed on the inside of my eyelids. Every time I blink, it's a review session. Well, there's your problem. The MIG's capacitors are missing. Someone forgot to put them in.”
Doxa: “That's your job, Kazz. I pilot, you maintain. It's a good think I love you so much, because I love you a little less each time your scatterbrain sets us back.”
Kazz: “I love you too, my dulcet-toned honey-viper. But I put the capacitors in. Someone must have swiped them, because I would not forget … not after your last cheerful chastisement.”
Hronk: “Pitch woo on your own time! We must have left the capacitors in the Hydrone Unit lab's staging area. Hurry! Retrieve those capacitors at once!

Turn to the North and head forward to the staging area that you just came from. Head up the short set of stairs and into the hanger in the back of the Hydrone Unit lab. There you will find Teyo waiting there with some help. They are apparently are up to something. When you make it to the staging area you have another cutscene waiting for you:
Hero: “Hey! Stop right there, you pusillanimous pinheads! That's our stuff!”
Teyo: “Was your stuff. Now it's ours. But don't worry; we'll leave you a beating in exchange.”

Teyo is lvl. 3, backed up by 2 Inquest Engineers who seem much more intent on beating you up then shooting you. Unfortunately, Teyo will cover this discrepancy very well with many bullets. The Engineers will yield when they get low on life as will Teyo. You do not need to kill them but inflicting a lot of damage is very important.

After the councilor has shown up and done a little shouting it is time for another cutscene:
Councillor Yahk: “Enough! Cease and desist all hostilities. Now, what's going on here?”
Hero: “These Inquest poltroons snuck into our work area, sabotages our Massively Impressive Golem, and stole our equipment.”
Teyo: “Calumny and slander! We were called in to consult on a Snaff prize entry, and when we did, this blackguard attacked us!”
Yahk: “Now, now. Things get heated when a prize is on the line. Let's all just calm down, count to ten, and get back to work. Now harm done, eh?”
Hero: “No harm done? They vandalized our workspace! And our MIG!”
Yahk: “That is a serious accusation. On behalf of the Arcane Council, I suggest you file a complaint … after the contest is over. Off you go now. Off!”

Claim the capacitors that you were sent for and hurry back to the Battleground Plaza. Head over to Kazz and give him the capacitors. He will install them and Doxa will gear up and get started on the demonstration. Sit back and enjoy it for a minute.

At the end of the demonstration:
Zojkja: “I've seen enough, Councillor. Our choice is clear: the invention that best embodies Snaff's legacy is the College of Dynamics' MIG.”
Councillor Flax: “I quite agree. Seamless integration of machine and user has been an unachievable goal … until now. Well done. As far as I know, only the Inquest has ever had any success, and they have to brutalize sentient beings to achieve it.”
Hronk: “That was the most difficult challenge we faced. False modesty aside, our work here represents a quantum leap forward in golemancy.”
Flax: “Which is why, on behalf of the judges, I'm pleased to award Hronk's krewe the Snaff Prize. Let's all – by the Eternal Alchemy, what's that thing doing now?”

After the smoke clears from having to deal with the MIG you have one more cutscene:
“Zojja: “So the winning entry was a crazed, councillor-killing golem. Well, if we disqualified every potentially lethal entry, there'd be no contestants left.”
Hero: “But the MIG was sabotaged! Our entry was tampered with. I don't know why, but the Inquest –”
Flax: “Stop right there. Every time a statis salvo slips a gear, people blame Inquest Saboteurs. I'm sick of it. You just took the Snaff Pize. Learn to win gracefully. Instead of finding scapegoats for your own inadequacy, you should be trackdown and dismantling that amok golem you unleashed.”
Zoja: “And when you do, I'd love the chance to study it. Impressive work … right up to the point it started smashing things at random.”
Hronk: “That will soon be rectified. Back to the lab, krewe! We can track the MIG from there. With a bit of luck, we can stop it before it does any series damage.”

With that you will finish the first part of the college of dynamics storyline for the Asura. Now it is onto the next mission, “Golem Positioning System.”