Guild Wars 2 – The Commander

This is the fifth mission in the Human Commoner Storyline. Here you need to work Logan Thackeray and the Countess Anise to stop Commander Serentine's attempt to break out the bandits from prison. Start by heading to Logan's office in the Upper City, just to the Northeast of the Palace Waypoint.

As you head in Logan and Anise are having a little talk. Talk with Logan to learn some of what he is mulling over. Between him and Anise they will conjure up a plan to pose as the captured bandits. This way they hope to get the evidence they need. After that, speak with Anise to get set up for this ambush.

Head on down the stairs once you are in disguise. Logan admits to some faults and is thankful for aid. After that, it is on to a cutscene:
Hero: “Shh! I hear something.”
Logan: “It's coming from below, and that floor grate is moving. So that's how they've been getting in and out without being seen!”
Anise: “Patience, Logan. Hush, or you'll give away the entire game.”
Commander Serentine: “Ted? Springing you is becoming a full-time job, you troll-faced goon. Come on, I'm getting you out of here.”
Hero: “Thanks, Commander, but I'm not Ted … and you're not going anywhere.”
Logan: “The game is over, Serentine. If you want to live, throw down your weapons. Now.”
Serentine: “Clever. Finally one step ahead of me, eh, Logan? Too bad you won't live to brag about it. Guards – leave no one alive. That's an order.”

There are about 12 guards between you and Serentine. The good news is they will not really move from their starting position. This means that you can fight them at range and simply pick them off one at a time. Things are very easy overall for this quest as Logan cannot die and as long as you can stay alive through it, you will win.

Once you are through the guards then you are fighting Serentine. One against 3 is not much of a fight really. Just head Logan and Anise as they pound away on her. It will not be long before she falls.

When the dust has settled from the conflict there is one more cutscene:
Anise: “That was exhilarating … and effective. Commander Serenite's little 'work release' program is officially shut down. You've won a major victory for your queen, captain, but it wouldn't have happened without the help of our new friend.”
Logan: “Anise is right. Congratulations are in order. You more than earned the gratitude of the Seraph. Enjoy your victory. I'll be in touch with you again soon. Divinity's Reach can always use someone we can trust.”
Hero: “I'll be ready.”

That concludes the Human Commoner Storyline so choose your reward and get ready to level up some. Now it is onto your major regret story.