Guild Wars 2 – The Hospital in Jeopardy

This is the fourth mission in the Human Commoner Storyline. This is for those who chose to go off and help those in the hospital. Head over to the Salma district and enter the instance there.

When you are inside the instance head over to the East, up the stairs. After that turn to the North and head forward. You will find the gathered Seraph Guard. At Logan's command, start attacking the hospital door. It will only take a few hits to tear through. Once you are on the other side of it you will find Big Nose Ted standing on the balcony above you. He will order Della and Johnny to attack you. They will jump down and turn their attention onto you.

These two together do make a decent team, especially with the few bandits that are aiding them. However you have Logan and a detachment of Seraph. There are at least 3 Bandits that are immediately aiding them. Take down whatever is closest to you and fight your way through to Della and Johnny.

When you have gotten though Della and Johnny, take a little time to revive any of the fallen Seraph. It helps to have their aid around. They are all additional fire on some decent bosses. This will make the coming battles easier. Plus the hospital is not going to burn down around you, only as cinematicly appropriate.

With all that dealt with start up the stairs to the balcony that Big Nose Ted is on. Time to deal with him again. Hopefully for good this time. Blaize will also reveal himself now and join in on the fight with Ted to keep control of the hospital. Keep an eye on Blaize, as he gets lower on life he will start to throw a few bombs or charge you with one.

Once you have taken them all down you need to join the hospital patients outside. Take a little time to loot the remaining bodies, events will wait that long at least. After that, head out to the South. Once you are there you will find there is a cutscene waiting for you after some praise for your work there. Head a little more to the South to trigger the next cutscene with Logan:
Commander Serentine: “The Ministry Guard will take over from here.”
Logan Thackeray: “This is Seraph business, not a ministry problem. My people will make the arrests.”
Serentine: “If you insist. Tell me, how did you respond so quickly?”
Logan: “Don't underestimate the Seraph, Commander.”
Serentine: “Very well. Congratulations on doing your job correctly, Thackeray – for once. Ministry Guard! Clear out!”
Logan: “All right, we're done here. Let's head over to the orphanage and check on Lt. Francis. If it's anything like this, he'll need our help.”

Head to the Southwest toward the marker. It is only a short run from the hospital to the orphanage. Once you make it there, you will hear Francis calling to get everyone clear. At that point the orphanage will explode and onto the last cutscene of the mission:
Logan: “Francis! How many people were in there?”
Francis: “I can't say, sir. We got some of them out, but not all. I'm sorry.”
Logan: “I want causality and injury counts right away. Whoever did this will pay for every drop of blood they spilled.”
Hero: “It's cold comfort, but at least we had better luck at the hospital. Big Nose Ted won't hurt anyone ever again.”
Logan: “That's not enough. The Seraph should have saved both the hospital and the orphanage. Wre should have done better. Especially with Serentine sniffing around. She keeps turning up at these crime scenes, but always too late. I'm starting to wonder if there's a connection. Meet me in my office after you've had a chance to rest up. We'll discuss our next move then.”

This will conclude the mission and move you onto the final one, “The Commander.”