Guild Wars 2 – Arson at the Orphanage

This is the fourth mission in the Human Commoner Storyline. This is for those who chose to go to protect the Orphanage from the pending arson of Big Nose Ted. Time to head into Divinity's Reach and go for the Salma District.

Head inside and it is apparent you got there just a little after the fire itself has started and it is a big one. Head over to the right and get to the door. Break it down to start into saving the children inside. Just on the other side of that door you will find 3 Bandit Arsonist waiting there, all Lvl. 8. They start neutral but will go hostile against you in only a short time. Thankfully Logan Thackeray is around to help out some. Do not worry about the fire, it will not damage you (which is a little odd), so just run through it.

Head on to the left. There you will find yourself fighting Uptown Johnny yet again. At least he was more chatting in the Bandit cave. Just beat him down and things will be over quickly. Continue over to the East and go to the North when you can. Here you will find Blaize with 2 bandits and a few children as hostages. He is the strongest of the bunch.

Now turn around and head to the South. There is a single Bandit marksman on the stairs going up. Take them down and then go on up the stairs yourself. There you will find Big Nose Ted himself. He is threatening the matron and her charges. As soon as your group appears he will start to take this aggression out on you. The matron uses this time to erect a shield around the bunks to protect the children. Just pound away on Big Nose Ted for a while to take him down. He still loves to knock you around with that hammer of his. Keep moving if you are on the slightly less durable end of the armor spectrum or just charge in for the heavily armored one.

Once you manage to defeat Big Nose Ted head on outside. There you will find all the orphans that you have saved. And wait for the cutscene to begin:
Commander Serentine: “The Ministry Guard will take it from here.”
Logan Thackeray: “I don't see any nobles. This is Seraph business. My people will make the arrests.”
Serentine: “If you insist. Tell me, how did you respond so quickly?”
Logan: “We were in the right place at the right time. Don't underestimate the Seraph, Commander.”
Serenite: “Very well. Congratulations on doing your job correctly, Thackeray – for once. Ministry Guard! Clear Out!”
Logan: “All right, we're done here. Let's head over to the hospital and check on Lt. Francis. If it's anything like this, he'll need our help.”

Head to the North now to begin toward the hospital. Follow the road as it winds slightly to the Northeast but just after that you will find Lieutenant Francis. He will start reporting that they got everyone out but they didn't find any bombs. Unfortunately as he is saying that, a blast will knock everyone over. Time for another cutscene:
Logan: “Francis! Tell me you got everyone out of there in time.”
Francis: “No, sir. Sorry, sir. We got some of the people clear, but there were still people inside when it went up.”
Logan: “I want injury and casualty counts right away. Did you at least catch the arsonists?”
Francis: “No, sir. Never even saw them. Sorry, sir.”
Hero: “We had better luck at the orphanage. Big Nose Ted won't cause anyone any trouble, ever again.”
Logan: “That's not enough. We have to do better. Look, we've all been though a lot, and this ain't the time or place for a debriefing. Especially not with Serentine sniff around. She keeps turniong up at these crime scenes, but always too late. I'm starting to wonder if there's a connection.