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Guild Wars 2 – Infiltration
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 10/16/2012
A series of articles covering Guild Wars 2. This part covers the human story mission, "Infiltration", the third mission in the Commoner Origin Story. Here you must pose as a bandit to learn the plans of Big Nose Toe.

Guild Wars 2 – Infiltration

This is the third mission in the Human Commoner Origin story. This has you getting ready to head into the bandits hideout to learn what their plans are and who was behind their release. Head on out to Queensdale and make for the Bandit Cave yet again. It is nicely marked and just outside Divinity's Reach in Beggar's Burrow. Head on out to the instance entrance. It is on the far side of the Shaemoor Graveyard.

Head on out there and go over to the entrnace of the cave. There just happens to be a single bandit there who is all alone now. He is on the far side of the bridge just past the entrance. Fight him. He will be lvl. 6. Surprisingly these clothes will be a great fit on you. Head on down the slope to the North. Knock on the door at the bottom to get into the hideout. Once the door opens there is a quick cutscene:
Switch: “Welcome to the barbeque, new meat. My name's Switch.”
Hero: “I'm called Shadow. I, uh, got out just today.”
Switch: “Free pardon, huh? Three cheers for the Ministry, eh? Who'd have known they were such an 'understanding' bunch? We're gearing up for a big job this time. Make yourself useful and ask around for something to do.”

Head on down the slope to the main camp. You will find a lot of bandits just hanging around. Still, you need to be looking for something else, the named ones from earlier. There is no particular order to this next part:
Blaize: He is found at the bottom of the ramp in the bandit camp just to the right of the ramp. He will ask you to look for some fuses for him to finish his latest batch of bombs. Head over to the South, across the bridges over the pond. On the far end of them you will notice some drakes standing around a chest. That has the fuses he is looking for. Take on the drakes carefully as the whole group could likely kill you. If they are giving you trouble then back onto the bridge to create a chokepoint on them. Otherwise, it is not too hard to get to the chest, retrieve the fuses and bring them back to Blaize.

Deadeye Della – Della can be found a little to the Northeast of the ramp. She challenges you to a test of strength. Time to take her down, again. This is just as before but she has no help. Just pound away on her. She will keep at it until you drain down her health bar. It just takes some time but it is nothing too bad there.

Uptown Johnny – He is found to the Southeast of the ramp. Head off it then turn to the South. He is hitting on one of the female bandits. He suspects but you get to use one of the personality traits to persuade him otherwise. It only takes that one bit and you are off the hook. Just keep talking with him and he will reveal the plan. The bandits are planning to torch 2 locations: the orphanage and the hospital.

With those 3 spoken to, just head on out. Leave the instance and head on out. Get over to the Palace Waypoint inside Divinity's Reach. Just head a little to the North of that and report to Thackeray's office. Talk with Thackeray and it is time for you make a choice. Are you going to help save the Orphanage (“Arson at the Orphanage”) or the hospital (“The Hospital in Jeopardy”).