Guild Wars 2 – Desperate Medicine

This is the second mission in the Human Commoner Origin story. You have left for Ninth Company's Base camp to get some supplies. Just head on over to the marker in Queensdale to get into the instance.

Once inside the instance, talk with Lieutenant Francis. He will inform you that he would gladly help but bandits have made off with the Medical Supplies that he had on hand. He will direct you toward the Bandit's cave that is nearby. He explains that it is the mostly likely place for them to have holed up after a heist like this one.

Once you make it inside the cave you will encounter a cutscene:
Hero: “Petra? What are you doing here? How did you find this place?”
Petra: “I followed you. I'm not going to sit around and worry about my father when I can help! Families look out for each other. You're like family, too. I'm not losing either of you. Not without a fight.”
Hero: “Fine, you can help. But stay close, and be careful.”

Start off by heading to the South. You will find you have some bandits waiting for you at the top of the slope you are on. It turns out it was just a pair of bandits waiting up there for you. They are both lvl. 4. Take them out and then turn to the East. Fight your way steadily over there. You will encounter the bandits usually in pairs. Do everything you can to keep it that way. If it gets to more, only a guardian or a warrior would really stand a chance. Rangers can handle a few more while Elementalists and Necromancers need to be careful. Just keep moving toward the Southeast, toward the destination marker.

As you approach the marker you will see a wooden ramp on your right. You need to take that up to continue. Aside from that there are a lot of different bandit groups on the level below. They can be taken down for some extra loot and experience if you are so inclined.

Up on top you will find one more duo of bandits between you and your destination. Defeat them and Tiwtchy Jake will come charing at you. He is a stronger foe this time around as he sits at lvl. 5, stronger than you. However you have Petra as aid plus your weapons and skills. Just keep moving around it will not be too long before he surrenders, which he does when brought down to half life.

Now finish crossing the bridge and turn to the left. There you will find the chest with all sorts of loot inside. Toward the bottom you will find the supplies you are looking for. Once you have them though jaske decides that he wants to try and stop you again. This time you fight to the death (of him). He is still at half health so just finish what you started earlier. This time though there are absolutely no bandits to help him out. It is just you, him and Petra. Unfortunately, some bandits will disprove that and show up as he gets floored to attack you.

Once all that is done it is time for another cutscene:
Hero: “I've got to get these supplies back to the Seraph. I'll bring your father what he needs right after I talk with Lieutenant Francis.
Petra: “All right, but hurry! I'll go check on Dad. See you back at the tavern.”

Collect the loot and leave this instance. Head back to Lt. Francis and he will comment how strange it was that Twitchy Jake was arrested and set free again so soon. That does not bode well for the Ministry Guard.

Head on back to the Tavern. There you will find Petra and Andrew waiting on the second floor, first door on the right. Time for another cutscene:
Hero: “Easy, Andrew. Here, drink this. It probably taste terrible, but it'll get you back on your feet.
Petra: “Settle down, Dad. I'm here now, and you'll be better soon. Thanks to you, my friend. And please, can you thank Captain Thackeray for us?”
Hero: “Of course. I need to speak with him anyway. I've learned something important that he needs to know.”

Head on down the stairs. There you will find Logan waiting for you talking with the Barmaid there:
Hero: “Captain Thacheray? What are you doing here?”
Logan Thackeray: “We came to check on the tavernkeeper … and on you. But, where are my manners? Allow me to introduce Countess Anise, Master Exemplar of the Shining Blade.”
Hero: “It's an honor, my lady. Captain, I found the medical supplies, but there's something else. Twitchy Jake was there. He's free even though he was arrested in the tavern brawl.”
Countess Anise: “Is that so? There's been no trial. Those troublemakers should still be in prison. Unless … they've been deliberately freed? But who would do that? And why?”
Logan: “They'll never tell us willingly. I'd send someone to infiltrate their hideout, but they know my Seraph.”
Hero: “I'll go. I just don't want Big Nose Ted and his gang on the loose. And I still owe them for hurting my friend.”
Anise: “What a brace soldier you are. You'll need a disguise, of course. Hooligans only talk freely to each other.”
Logan: “I can tell you where their hideout is. All you need is an outfit from one of the bandits themselves, and you're in.”
Hero: “Leave it to me. I'll get the gear I need to blend in and see what they're up to.”
Logan: “Outstanding. Pull this off, and you'll be doing Kyrta and her queen a great service … and you will have impressed me yet again. Good luck.”

Choose your reward and you will finish out this quest. Next you are onto “Infiltration.”