Guild Wars 2 – On the Mend

This is the first storyline mission for those who chose the Human Commoner Origin. You need to head to the Merchan't Coin Tarvern to get things started for the storyline itself. You will find it inside the Salma District inside Divinity's Reach. You will find it to the Northwest of the entrance.

Once you are in the instance and at the tavern you will find things are not going too smoothly. There is a gang insdie and they are causing some trouble for Petra and Andrew. As you head toward Petra you will bump into Big Nose Ted. He threatens you some but does not do anything else. Talk with Petra to learn more of what is going on:
Petra: “I'm so glad to see you! I heard that you were up and around, but I was still worried.”
Hero: “I'm fine. Thanks for coming to see me. You know I love you and your father, but you both worry too much.”
Petra;” That's because you take too many risks.”
Big Nose Ted: “hey! Girl! Stop gabbing and bring me a drink!”
Innkeeper Andrew: “I think you've had enough, buddy. You're cut off. Now get out of my tavern.”
Ted: “Don't make me cripple you, old man. Give me more ale, and this time, it's on the house.”
Petra: “Leave my father father alone, you ugly goon, or I'll call the Seraph!”
Ted: “Ugly? I'll show you ugly, Honey.”

With that cutscene over it is time for you to get into some fighting. Ted will sucker punch Andrew hard while his men come in and swarm the place. You have 9 bandits just come charging in. Thankfully they are all Lvl. 1 so they will drop decently fast and all the patrons of the tavern will be helping you out. Once you have made it through the first wave of fighting you will need to face the core of the gang who ran upstairs.

Follow them up using the stairs that the end of the bar. At the top of the stairs you will encounter Blaize. He is just brawling so nothing too bad to worry about when you are dealing with things. If there are patrons around, they will swarm him, making it easier for you to take him down. After the fight, take a little time to revive a few for additional aid in the coming fight.

Continue on up the stairs toward Uptown Johnny. He fights more with a rifle than fists. Hammer him hard up close to take advantage of the lag in his attacks. Otherwise just pound away. These are decent fights but nothing overly taxing. If you can get him to the patrons they may help with the fight.

After Uptown Johnny, head down the Hallway to the South and turn to the right at the end of it. You have 3 more people to fight through now. The next one is Deadeye Della and Twitchy Jake. They make a fair team as Jake will move in to fight while Della fires at you. Just focus on one of them at a time and the other should not be much of a problem.

Head into the next room and it is time for you to attend to Big Nose Ted at last. He is a melee fighter with a two-handed hammer. He can knock you around very easily with it. Keep him at range unless you can take a decent amount of punishment. He will take time but he will go down eventually.

After all that fighting there is another cutscene you will find in front of you, back down on the ground floor, before the end of the mission:
Commander Serentine: “Bandits, thieves, and brawlers: by the order of the Ministry Guard, you're all under arrest!”
Hero: “Hey, they started it. I was just defending my friend.”
Logan Thackeray: “Commander Serentine. What's the meaning of this? What are you doing here?”
Serentine: “Nice of you to show up, Captain. I'm here keeping the peace, something you and your Seraph can't seem to do.”
Logan: “Thanks to your interference. There's no way I'm letting you take the hero who fought beside me at Shaemoor Garrison. I'll vouch for this one.”
Serentine: “Now who's interfering? And on behalf of a mere commoner – what foolishness. Guards! Take the rest of these maggots to the prison. We're done here.”
Petra: “Captain? Please, that ugly goon hurt my father. Can you help us?”
Logan: “Hmm. That looks nasty. It could take weeks to heal without the right medicine, and that medicine's expensive.”
Hero: “I hate to call in a marker, Captain, but I did help you when you needed it. Mind if I ask you to return the favor?”
Logan: “For the Hero of Shaemoor? Done. Talk to Lieutenant Francis at the Ninth Company's base camp. Tell him I sent you, and he'll give you all the supplies you need.”