Guild Wars 2 – Breaking the Blade

This is the fourth and final part of the Human Street Rat origin story. This has you coming into the Salma District to lure Two-Bladed Pete out and bring him down for good.

Once inside the instance, what happens depends some on which quest you participated in before. If you rescued Quinn, you will be there with him. Logan will tell you that he and his men will take shelter and be ready to join in an ambush on Pete.

If you opted to protect the city, then a few people will be talking about how Quinn is dead. The hero is also a lot more worked up and ready just to kill Two-Bladed Pete without much thought at all.

Either way, you just need to wait for now. Riot Alice will show up.
Riot Alice: “What are you doing here? Don't you know that Pete's on his way here to kill you?”
Hero: “I'm counting on it.”
Alice: “Always the brave one. Listen, I took your advice and I'm getting out. Don't do something stupid like getting yourself killed before I have the chance to thank you properly.”
Hero: “Don't worry, I'll deal with Pete. We'll see each other again after this is all over.”
Alice: “I'm going to hold you to that.”

After she departs you will find yourself facing down the first of the of the gang. Doc Howler/Crusher Dan is there with some thugs to make sure you do no see Pete. It is just Doc/Dan with 4 thugs so nothing to serious. If you saved Quinn, he will be a nice help. If you saved the city then this is more a solo fight but nothing to bad because of the numbers. It is very easy to hide in the passage to the right of the bar and just draw out the thugs and Doc/Dan a few at a time. Take out the thugs while taking some shots at the Doc/Dan.

After defeating Doc Howler or Crusher Dan and company:
Two-Bladed Pete: “Think your smarter than Pete, do ya? Think you hurt me? Let me tell you something.”
hero: “Better men than you have tried.”
Pete: “Tried and failed? Look, kid. I'm not easily intimi –”
Hero: “Tried and died.”
Pete: “Huh. Maybe I underestimated you.”
Logan Thackeray: “More than you know. Prison's full, Pete. Let's skip the trial and go straight to the execution.”

Time to face down Two-Bladed Pete himself. He is a more a ranger styling than a warrior. He will do his best to take you on, but it is 4 (5 with Quinn) on 1. This battle is going to be over in a short while. He is still a boss so he has plenty of health. Warriors and all other in heavy armor can wade into the combat easily. This is one of the few fights you do not need to put too much effort into getting into your own special style and have trouble holding.

The dialogue that comes next changes some based on the previous mission:
Having saved Quinn:
Logan: “Very impressive. You stopped Two-Bladed Pete and ran his bandits out of Divinity's Reach.”
Hero: “Thanks. I'm just glad that Pete won't hurt anyone, ever again.”
Logan: “Enjoy your victory. I'll be in tough with you again soon. The Seraph can always use a friend they can trust.”
Quinn: “Woo hoo! We win!”
Logan: “So, Quinn. Seeing as you've committed multiple crimes against the city ...”
Quinn: “Lyssa's locks! Not prison!”
Logan: “But you did help the Seraph, too. I guess I can look the other way – this one time.”
Quinn: “Thanks, Captain. I'll stay out of trouble, I promise.”
Hero: “You'd better. I won't always be around to help you out.”
Quinn: “You saved my life, and I owe you one. I won't forget it.”
Hero: “Hey. That's what friends do. See you around, Quinn.”

Having saved the City:
Logan: “Very impressive, my friend. You stopped Two-Bladed Pete and ran his bandits out of Divinity's Reach.”
Hero: “Thanks. I'm just glad that Pete is out of business. Permanently.”
Logan: “I'm sorry about your friend, but your work here saved many lives. I'll see to it that the Queen hears of your valor … and Quinn's sacrifice.”
Hero: “Bragging to the Queen? Yeah. I think Quinn would have liked that.”
Logan: “I'll be in touch with you again soon. The Seraph can always use a friend they can trust.”
Hero: “I'll be ready. Thanks, Captain.”

Finish this mission and it will conclude the Street Rat origin story.