Guild Wars 2 – The Rescue

This is the fourth mission in the Human Street Rat origin story. You must head to Claypool, to the South of Altar Brook Vale to find the start of the instance. It is time to help Quinn and stop him from getting killed by Two-Blade.

Once inside the instance you need to head through most of town to the stables in the Southwest. There you will find Crusher Dan standing over Quinn. Quinn is trying, unsuccessfully, to talk his way out of it. Dan remains unmoved. Move in and get ready for the fighting to start:
Crusher Dan: “Time's up, Quinn. You served your purpose, and now I got orders to end you.”
Quinn: “End me? But Pete … Pete's my friend.”
Dan: “You're nothing but a pasty. Quinn. And now you're going to be a dead pasty. Shut up, you little whiner, and hold still. I've been looking forward to this.”

Time to start with Dan. He comes at you and he is lvl. 10, a few stronger than you. Pound away on him. He is a warrior so he specializes in close range combat. Putting up barriers and traps is a great way to just tear into him. After some fighting, he will go down. He best asset is just the abundance of health that he has.

Once Dan goes down it is time to escort the trouble magnet Quinn outside of Claypool and protect him from what ambushes you can. You can talk with Quinn to make either a Ferocity or Diginity choice if you would like or just talk with him to learn more of the situation. After that just head on outside of the stables. You need to get through the town at some point.

Just outside the stables you have 4 bandits waiting for you and Quinn. Draw who you can into the stables at range and take them out. Once they go down, head outside the stables and turn to the North. You will find the next group waiting for you in the courtyard nearby the crafting stations. There are around 6 bandits here, divided into 2 groups of 3. You can pull them, singly, in pairs or as a whole. Just be careful. Start slow (especially for the lightly armored) to wipe them all out.

After all those have been killed off, head to the North and toward the exit of the town. You will notice a horde moving toward you. This is another set of 4 bandits. Retreat some to the courtyard and fight them there. They are the last of your foes. Once they go down, head for the exit of town and you will get away:
Hero: “Quinn, you're lucky to be alive. If I hadn't gotten here in time –”
Quinn: “I know, I know. I've been a real piece of work lately, and I'm sorry. You're a real friend … not like Two-Blade Pete. Thank you, for everything.”
Hero: “Pete's not done yet. He'll come after us once he realizes his plan's blown.”
Quinn: “Oh, no. I recognize that look in your ye. You're going to tell the Seraph!”
Hero: “Captain Thackeray owes me a favor, and this is right up his alley. Meet me at the tavern, Quinn. It's time to up Two-Blade Pete – for good.”