Guild Wars 2 – The Greater Good

Time for the third mission in the Street Rat origin story. This is for those who have chosen to help Countess Anise to save the City opposed to running off to help Quinn. With the choice made, you need to head for the base of Grenth's Lower Road. You will find the entrance to the next instance there.

Once inside the instance, head forward to the North over to Logan. He will tell you that the well is not far from there. Head on down the slope. At the bottom you will find bandits running down the western side of the Grenth road. Head over there ad start dealing with them. It will start with a good 4 bandits, all lvl. 8. Take them on carefully so you can get a good feel for what is going on. They are up to no good and trying to delay you some right now. Still, wipe them out then start up the stairs.

As you go up you will find a few more thugs to deal with. This time you have the aid of the Seraph to get through them. That makes your job a bit easier. Be grateful. At the top of the ramp you will see a lot of Bandits present and attacking the Seraph there.

Once you make it through the horde of bandits on that landing, turn to the South and start up the final ramp toward the Grenth Highroad. There are 4 more bandits to be dealt with. It is at the top of this that you will find your destination. Just keep fighting. There are plenty of bandits. After you defeat the first 4, 3 more will appear. Take them on and press upwards. You can also turn around and help out the Seraph below if you need to. Doc Howler will creep into the fight at a point. Concentrate on her once she does. She is a hardy opponent and not one who goes down quickly.

Doc Howler: “No more! You win. Congratulations … you spoiled my greatest experiment. Too bad your friend Quinn won't be around to help you celebrate.”
Hero: “What do you mean? Where is Quinn?”
Doc: “He's dead, hero. We heard about the Apothecary. You don't ruin the apex of my scientific career without consequences. Two-Bladed Pete carved him up like a Wintersday roast.”
Hero: “You think this is funny? I'll kill you and your whole gang!”
Logan Thackeray: “Calm down. I'll make sure this piece of trash gets what's coming to her. Seraph! Take the prisoner out before I chop her up and feed her to the harpies.”
Hero: “Pete killed Quinn … Pete's got to pay. I helped you, Captain, and now I'm calling that favor. I want Two-bladed Pete in the ground.”
Logan: “Agreed. Listen, Pete will be after you next – he can't afford to let you live. Meet me at the tavern, and when comes for you, we'll be waiting.”
Hero: “All right. But if Pete doesn't come to us, I'm tearing this whole city apart until I find him.”
Logan: “I've been where you are right now. Don't lose control: save what you're feeling for the people responsible.”

After all that, choose your reward and it is onto the final mission in this storyline: “Break the Blade.”