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Guild Wars 2 – Going Undercover
By Douglas Shepard (Editor in Chief, RarityGuide.com)
Published on 10/15/2012
A series of articles covering Guild Wars 2. This part covers the human story mission, "Going Undercover", of the Street Rat origin. Here you must infiltrate the Gang's hideout and learn their plan.

Guild Wars 2 – Going Undercover

This is the third mission in the Human Street Rat Origin storyline. You must head over to the gang's hideout and infiltrate them to learn more about what they are planning. Head to the cave along the North shore of Lake Delvan. There you will find the entrance to the instance.

Once inside the instance approach the archer to learn the location of the hideout. Get over there and talk with Crusher Dan to get inside:
Crusher Dan: “Look what the skritt dragged in. Who are you?”
Hero: “I'm new. Just got sprung and I'm eager to prove myself. Pete said to check around and make myself useful”
Dan: “Good. There's plenty to be done. Just make sure you stay out of the way. And if nobody else has anything for you, check back with me. I'll put you to work.”

Now turn and talk with Crusher Dan again. He thinks your trying to make nice with him. He tells you to go clear a nearby river of drakes. Head over to the North to start fighting them. They are all lvl. 6, par with the mission. They can easily be taken on one at a time. This makes it almost too easy to deal with. Just keep on your toes. They can still do some respectable damage. There is a total of 4 of them. The one in the center and the others found around the pool. With that done return to Crusher Dan. He will be somewhat impressed and give you a second task.

This time you need to take on a Skale and one of some repute: “Ol' Skabfin.” He will give you some bait and tell you to head outside. Go on out and to the Southeast. There you will find the marked rock to put the bait on. Wait just a minute and you will have the Skale come charging out from the lake to the bait. It is stronger than you are presently at lvl. 7 but nothing too overpowering, though fast. Charge it and take it on. This one strangely does not regenerate health. That makes it a lot easier to take down.

With the Skale defeated, return to Crusher Dan again. You can make either a charisma or a ferocity choice with him, or just press the conversation on. He will hint at the plan to come, involving the center of Divinity's Reach. He will now direct you to Doc Howler.

Head to the North, deeper into the cave. On the second landing after the pool you will find Doc Howler. Talk with her to learn what she needs from you, after a personality choice or just pressing the conversation forward. She needs a plant from the graveyard at the top of the ramp called “wicked tangle.”

Once inside the graveyard you need to be more careful There are grubs around and in fair numbers. They are not too dangerous on their own but there are enough of them to pose a real threat if more than a couple get on you at once. Head up to the Northwest to find an unidentified plant that meets all the characteristics of “wicked tangle.” Collect it and head back to Doc Howler in the cave.

With the wicked tangle she will direct you over to Riot Alice. Once you approach her and finish the conversation it is time for another cutscene:
Riot Alice: “Wait a second. You look really familiar.”
Hero: “I … yeah. I used to run with Pete a lot time ago. I just got back. It's not like it used to be.”
Alice: “Yeah, Pete's not the man I thought he was. He doesn't care about the struggle at all. Just gold.”
Hero: “Why don't you get out? It's possible, if you want it bad enough.”
Alice: “I've been thinking about it, believe me. Best not to talk here, though. Hey, stay out of trouble. Maybe I'll see you again.”

With that you will finish all the work for that instance. Leave it and head for Logan's office in Divinity's Reach. Once there you can have a conversation with Logan after a dialogue choice:
Hero: “I found out what Two-Blade Pete and his gang are planning. He and his gang are going to poison the city well. While everyone is sick, they'll break into the shops and steal whatever they want.”
Countess Anise: “Devious. He's going to hurt a lot of innocent people: women … children. Pete has to be stopped.”
Logan Thackeray: “It gets worse. My sources tell me Pete knows where Quinn is hiding. The gang thinks Quinn snitched them out about the Apothecary job. Two-Blade Pete's a loose cannon. Your friend is in real danger. You need to get Quinn out of there before he gets hurt.”
Anise: “I disagree. You can't put one person's life over the well-being of the city.”
Logan: “One person or many. Think about it.”

You have reached the choice branch in this storyline. You can side with Logan and chase after Quinn to save him (leading to “The Rescue”) or side with Countess Anise to protect the city (“The Greater Good”). The choice is yours.