Guild Wars 2 – Help the cornered spies at Seraph Observers

“Defeat would-be bandit assassins, find baneberries for Aidem Finlay, and calm ghosts haunting the hidden lake.”

Head to the Southeast from the Seraph Observer Waypoint. Among the hills you will find Aidem Finlay who is the overseer for this quest. Talk with him to learn more of what is going on here:
Aidem Finlay: “Hi There! Don't mind us. Queen Jennah stationed here months ago, and we haven't left yet. You'll want to watch out for bandits and ghosts, if you're traveling around.
Hero: “What can I do to help?”
Aidem: “If you are looking for stuff to do, we always need more baneberries. Or, you could help scout for bandits and put ghosts to rest. Both are troublesome.”
Hero A) “Do you have any tips on scouting for bandits?”
Aidem A) “What's there to know? They lurk about in shadows, under trees and bushes, trying to catch one of us unawares. Best to get the jump on them if you can.”
Hero: “Sounds easy.”
Aidem: “Does it now? We'll see if you still say that next you stop to search your stachel and find a knife on your … sorry, that was out of line. We've lost valuable soldiers to bandit attacks. Please, be careful.”
Hero: “I get it. Can I ask something else?”

Hero B) “Tell me more about baneberries.”
Aidem B) “Baneberries are poisonous, and they grow beneath tree roots around Hidden Lake. They may smell sweet, but don't be tempted to eat them. Bring any you find straight to me.”
Hero: “What do you do with them?”
Aidem: “They're part of our plan to keep Seanan's bandit camp in a weakened state so they don't go on the offensive against us.”
Hero: “Ah, okay. What else can I do?”

Hero C) “How can I help with the ghosts?”
Aidem C) “The ghost around here are centuries old. Most of them are lost and confused. Try to help them remember why they're here. You have to fight a few, those too deranged to be reasoned with.”
Hero: “What else can I do?”

Hero D) “Who's Queen Jennah?”
Aidem D) “She's the queen of Kyrta. Her throne's in Divinity's Reach, where I'm from. We Seraph serve her and our people.”
Hero: “Thanks for the lesson. What else can I do?”

Hero E) “What's your mission?”
Aidem E) “You're nearly a stranger to me. Perhaps when you've earned my trust, I'll tell you more.”

With everything sorted out it is important to find a good starting place. One of the easiest way to complete the renown quest is to head over to the Waypoint and kill all the bandits around it. They will regularly attack and wipe out the Seraph camp there. It does take some time and it is a good challenge to do though. With some effort you will be done with the quest before long. You can also earn credit looking around for the fallen scouts and reviving them. They are very scattered throughout the area. There is usually a lot to find if you can clear out the Seraph Camp.

If you want something less battle intense there is looking for baneberries. You can find them scattered throughout the Hidden Lake area. Look in the raised area of tree roots. You will find them here and there. You will get credit for both picking them and turning them in.

The next thing you can do is look around for ghosts. Each of the ghosts need you to pass some message onto them, help them remember. The good news is you get a lot of tries to figure it out. If you encounter a confused ghost, all you can do is fight them. If want to learn more the dead, head to the Northwestern part of Hidden Lake. You will find a cemetery there with most of the bodies there and it contains hints as to what the people were doing in the area. Taking with the Asura groundskeeper, Coff, will yield the information on any Asuran ghosts. Here are a few to get you started:

Grahm – A Mercenary, who was hired to slay some powerful beast. He will find peace.

Jaden Fletcher – She came from Ventari's Refuge and she was a collector.

Mosreh the Exile – He was killed by poisoning, a poison he gave himself, ending your own life (albeit accidentally).

When you finish the renown quest you will get the letter, “The Seraph Are Grateful” with 1 silver, 16 copper:
You didn't waste any time showing those bandits who's in charge around here! The Seraph are spread thin, so you really made a difference to the safety and security around Hidden Lake. Please take these gifts in recognition of your exemplary performance – Aidem Finlay”

Aidem Finlay will now be selling the following Karma Items:
Steel Harvesting Sickle: 77 Karma
“Used to gather Zucchini, Kale, Root Vegetables, Varied mushrooms, Young herbs, grapes, cabbage and all other lesser edible plants.”

Petrified Wind Rider Eye: 210 Karma
Accessory: +8 Power, Lvl. 21

Seraph Mace: 168 Karma
Mace, Weapon Strength: 209 – 235, +12 Healing Power, Lvl. 21

Petrified Wind Rider Eye: 420 Karma
Accessory: +9 Power, Lvl. 21

Seraph Mace of Force: 336 Karma
Mace, Weapon Strength: 227 – 255, +14 Vitality, Minor Sigil of Force (+1% Damage), Lvl. 21

Recipe: Front Line Stew
Chef: 50, Lvl. 21