Guild Wars 2 – Keep the Inquest from endangering Mrot Boru

“Fight the Inquest that are causing trouble at Mrot Boru. Disable the Inquest equipment at Invariant Base.”

Head to the North of Mrot Boru. Just past the bridge landing you will find Organizer Nessi who will explain more of the situation to you:
Organizer Nessi: “It really takes some gall, building that Inquest lab so close to us and sending their spies into Mrot Boru. We have to fight back.”
Hero A) “What can I do?”
Nessi A) “Go into the Invariant Base to the north and take down their equipment. She how they like that for a change. Careful not to activate their alarms, unless you enjoy being outnumbered.”
Hero: “Thanks for the advice.”

Hero B) “Spies? What are they spying on?”
Nessi B) “Mrot Boru houses krewes dealing in experimental research. Weapons. Alternate Energy power sources. Exactly the kind of stuff the Inquest would love to use for their own ends.:
Hero A) “What can I do to help?”

Head to the North, down the slope and over to the East into the building there. Look around for Spy Tranmission Recievers. This will give you some forward progress in the quest. This also applies to any Inquest Agents you find as well. Another thing of interest that crops up will be the Inquest Power Generators.

As you head deeper into the Lab you will encounter more Inquest agents of varying types. Just take them on as best you can. Destroy whatever equipment you can find and target. It will be more power generators and spy transmission receivers. It will not take too long before you have wiped out a good number of the Inquest agents. As you tear into them, it will not take long to complete this renown quest.

Once the quest is complete you will get the letter, “Night Terrors” with 1 silver, 1 copper attached:
“I haven't had a single peaceful night since the Inquest spies were found in Mrot Boru. We develop weapons for the Peacemakers, but the Inquest would use them to impede our progress and hurt our people. Although that threat still linger, you weakened their forces, and that's eased our minds. Please accept this token of thanks – Organizer Nessi”

Return to Organizer Nessi as she will now be selling the following Karma Items:
Cracked Golem Eye: 189 Karma
Accessory: +7 Toughness, lvl. 17

Shield: 147 Karma
Shield, Defense: 10, Weapon Strength: 172 – 194, +10 Condition Damage Lvl. 17

Rifle: 224 Karma
Rifle, Weapon Strength: 210 – 257, +21 Vitality, Lvl. 17

Cracked Golem Eye: 371 Karma
Accessory: +7 Toughness, lvl. 17

Shield of Force: 294 Karma
Shield, Defense: 11, Weapon Strength: 187 – 211, +12 Condition Damage, Minor Sigil of Force (+1% Damage), Lvl. 17

Rifle of Force: 441 Karma
Rifle, Weapon Strength: 228 – 279, +23 Vitality, Minor Sigil of Force (+1% Damage), Lvl. 17