Guild Wars 2 – A Different Dream

Head over to Zinder Slope and you will find the beginning of the third mission in the Sylvari “Where life goes, so too, should you” storyline. This is for those who chose to side with Trahearne and wanted to use mediation to help force some of the memories to the surface for Malyck.

Once inside the instance, head over to the North. There you will find find Trahearne. Talk with him to learn more about his plan. When you feel you have heard enough, tell him you are ready and ehad over to the West. There you will find Malyck waiting for you. Talk with him to begin the cutscene to explain everything properly:
Trahearne: “My friend Amaranda spends her life mediating on the Dream. She understands its nature more than any other mystic or firstborn.”
Hero: “If she studies the Dream, why does she live so far from the Grove?”
Trahearne: “Because she is so sensitive to it. She can feel every ebb and flow, like the tide feels the moon. Only far from the Tree can she gain perspective.”
Malyck: “And this woman – your friend – you believe she can help me?”
Thahearne: “Yes. If the Nightmare Court has robbed you of your memory and connection to the Dream, Malyck, she will heal you.”
Malyck: “And if they have not? What answer will she give us then?”
Trahearne: “Something true. The Dream cannot lie. That is its nature.”
Hero: “It's all right. No matter what happens, we'll be with you.”
Malyck: “Very well then. Let us go.”

Now follow Trahearne as he leads you toward Amaranda. As you travel toward the camp, the trio will come upon a wounded skritt that is calling out for help. Approach it and the skritt will spring a trap on the passing Sylvari. Roll away from the Skritt to avoid either of the spike traps that are about to erupt from the ground. It is revealed to be a group of 3 skritt you need to take down here. Defeat them and 3 more will appear to challenge you.

Once all the Skritt are down, continue with Trahearne to the Southwest. He will call out the presence of Thorn Wolves, the hound of the Nightmare Court. It starts with the just the Hound. After the earthquake and defeating the first wolf you will find yourself facing down you will find 2 more Hound on the other side of the hill. On the far side of the hill you will find another 4 waiting for your group of adventurers. Defeat them and you will find another tremor shakes the earth. Continue on to the Southwest of Trahearne.

When Trahearne pauses next get ready. You have an oncoming stampede of deer. Move off the path and over to the side. This will help you avoid the worst of what is ahead of you. After the stampede has gone by you will be attacked by a good dozen Slelk Lurkers. Move around and ready as these love to go invisible and then lunge at you. They are thankfully, all lvl. 14.

Move over to the West with Trahearne. He will notice (as you will) a number of fires going that way. Follow them. At the top you will find a number of Nightmare Courtiers waiting there for you:
Meinir of the Beasts: “My mistress, the Knight of Embers, was right! She knew you'd bring the Harbinger to this false seer. Thank you. You've done most of my work for me!”
Trahearne: “If you've hurt Amaranda, you will find that the wrath of a firstborn is something to fear!”
Meinir: “How quaint. Are you going to hit me with a book? You're not Caithe. You're not even one of the Wardens. What are you, Trahearne? A useless scholar studying a dead land?”
Hero: “And what are you but Nightmare's pawn? Watch where you're setting fires, or your own house may burn.”
Meinir: “Enough. The harbinger's coming with me – with or without your agreement. I know which I'd prefer. Courtiers! To battle!”

It is time to take on Meirnir now. She has a Thorn Wolf pack of 3. Keep an eye on them as they are nothing to take lightly. Tear them apart as quickly as you canto make your life a lot simpler. This might not to be too practical though. Pay some attention to the rest of the courtiers. They are mostly lvl. 15 so they can pose something of a threat. There are at least 4 of them to be dealt with. Fight carefully and they day shall be yours before long.

Once the fighting is over head for the seer for the final cutscene:
Amaranda the Lonesome: “Trahearne, my friend! I thought you were another vision. You're real? You're here?”
Trahearne: “Be at peace, Amaranda. Are you injured?”
Amaranda: “Only in spirit. I could feel nightmare's icy grip! But now it is gone, and I am warm once more.”
Trahearne: “We came seeking your wisdom. This sylvari, Malyck, cannot remember his Dream. Can you help him?”
Amaranda: “Gladly. Here, let me look upon you, sapling. Let me gaze into your eyes.”

Amaranda will begin her ritual that will let her look into the depths of Malyck's soul and see what has happened to sever his connection to the Dream and his memories. It will confirm what Trahearne had feared, that the Pale Tree was not alone and there is another like it in the world. Amaranda explains that Malyck hails from a different tree and different Dream. She cannot see his as he cannot see that of the Pale Tree. Just as Trahearne is to leave for the Pale Tree, the Knight of Embers will reveal herself. She knows that truth. She must be silenced before it can reach the ears of the Grand Duchess.