Guild Wars 2 – Help hunters and travelers near the road

“Remove any dangers along Lion Road. Assist Lionguard, travelers, and local hunters. Check hunters' trap to remove dangerous creatures trapped inside.”

Head to the West from the Hunter's Pitfall. When the path branches to the West and South, take the Southern route. This will lead on toward Lionguard Haral. He will explain more of the situation around Snowdrift:
Lionguard Hanal: “Curse this post. Corrupted ice has all but claimed Lion Road, and I can barely keep this side road clear. I'm proud to help keep Snowhawk safe, but there bigger fights to be fought.”
Hero A) “Sounds like you could use some help.”
Hanal A) “Ah, Wolf sends me a bold companion! Well, wild creatures and Sons of Svanir often attack travelers, but the icebrood are the greatest threat. They even find their way into hunting traps. Think you can help?”
Hero B) “Sure. What was that about traps?”

Hero B) “Do you know why there are so many hunter traps?”
Hanal B) “Local hunters use them to trap rabbits and other small game, but now you're more likely to get one of the icebrood for your trouble. It might help trade in this area if you help clear out the traps.”

Time to start looking for hostile creatures. To the North of Hunter's Pitfall you will find a pack of wolves that will attack you on sight. There are a few harvest points in that area too, making it well worth the trip. It can work very well to quickly fill up the renown quest.

There are other options out there to complete this quest. Heading to the West you will find more wolves, but take a turn to the South and you can sometimes find hunters and hunter's traps. The hunter's  just need a quick hand up. As soon as they are on their feet, they are good and you will earn credit. The hunter's traps are a different story. You will only get credit once you have opened the trap and dealt with whatever Icebrood creature has made it inside. More likely than not it will be an Icebrood Wolf or just a regular wolf. Only once in a while will a rabbit scamper out of the trap.

When the renown quest is complet you will get the letter, “Hope” with 94 copper:
“In my lifetime I've seen Jormag's corruption follow us further and further south. We're still getting by today, but what of the future? Through you I've seen even one person's effort can help stem the tide.

“Thank you for giving this old soldier hope – Lionguard Haral”

Return to Lionguard Haral as he is now selling the following the Karma Items:
Medical Pack: 77 Karma
Double-click to get a med pack

Lionguard Patrol Badge: 175 Karma
Accessory: +6 Condition Damage, Lvl. 15

Lionguard Rifle: 210 Karma
Rifle, Weapon Strength: 201 – 245, +19 Condition Damage, Lvl. 15

Lionguard Pistol: 140 Karma
Pistol, Weapon Strength: 179 – 210, +9 Precision, Lvl. 15

Lionguard Patrol Badge: 350 Karma
Accessory: +7 Condition Damage, Lvl. 15

Lionguard Rifle of Force: 420 Karma
Rifle, Weapon Strength: 218 – 266, +21 Condition Damage, Minor Sigil of Force (+1% Damage), Lvl. 15

Lionguard Pistol of Force: 280 Karma
Pistol, Weapon Strength: 194 – 227, +10 Precision, Minor Sigil of Force (+1% Damage), Lvl. 15