Guild Wars 2 – Help Owl's Followers

“Feed Sacred owls, drive foragers and Sons of Svanir from the Owl Lodge, defend animals in the valley and reach Owl's Sacred Teachings.”

Head over to the tp the Southwestern corner of the Snowden Drifts. Here you will find Lahri who stands in honor of Owl, though she is no longer a living Wild Spirit:
Lahri: “It's hard to believe most of my family once followed Owl, and now she's no longer with us. Even so, this land's still special to me. I come here after my hunts to feed the snow owls.”
Hero A) “How can I honor's Owl's memory?”
Lahri A) “Anything you can do to protect the area or recall owl's teachings honors her. Local Wildlife still suffers from Owl's loss, and helping the sick and wounded would have pleased Owl.”
Hero: “Sounds good. Anything else?”
Lahri: “That reminds me. Therea re books in Owl's lodge. If you read them, you'll help keep her teachings alive.”

Hero B) “Can I feed the sacred owls?”
Lahri B) “That's not a bad idea. The sacred owls prefer to hunt for themselves, so I doubt they'll take another's kill. Maybe you could steer prey in their direction.”
Hero A) “Anything else I can do to help out?”

Hero C) “Tell me about Owl.”
Lahri C) “Owl was a silent and clever predator who put her family's needs and safety above all else. She reminds that to hunt is not just to kill, but also provide and protect.”

First start wandering the valley. When you find small prey animals, like a rabbit, you can get options to scare them toward Sacred Owls. This will add ferocity but it will also help with your renown quest. Also be on the lookout for wounded animals, especially the bigger pray ones (like stags, deer and moose).

Be on the lookout for Alpine Skelk. They are one of the few enemies that really lurk around in this area. There are also owl griffins to the Eastern part of Owl's Abattoir, but they are usually out of range for the renown quest.

Finally, head into the lodge itself to the South of the Waypoint. Inside you will find numerous Frost Bats to fight but you will also come across books on the floor. They are scattered throughout the lodge so it takes some work to track down even a few. Fight your way through the Frost Bats and read the lessons of Owl. It will conclude the quest very quickly.

When you have finished the quest you will get the letter, “Learning Through Deeds with 1 silver 9 copper attached:
“Thank you for everything you've done at Owl's Abbatoir. Through your selfless acts, you have truly honored Owl. It gives me hope that her teachings will yet be remembered and inspires me to do more myself.

Sincerely – Lahri”

Head back to Lahri when you have the time. She will now be selling the following Karma Items:
Charred Owl Totem: 203 Karma
Accessory: +7 Condition Damage, Lvl. 19

Recipe: Owl Amulet: 231 Karma
Jeweler: 50, Double-click to learn the recipe. Account Bound.

Owl Staff: 252 Karma
Staff, Weapon Strength: 225 – 253, +24 Healing Power, Lvl. 20

Ghost Owl Feather: 147 Karma
Consumable: Double-click to become an Owl.

Owl Staff of Force: 504 Karma
Staff, Weapon Strength: 244 – 275, +27 Healing Power, Minor Sigil of Force (+1% Damage), Lvl. 20

Charred Owl Totem: 406 Karma
Accessory: +8 Condition Damage, Lvl. 19