Guild Wars 2 – Source of the Issue

This is the third mission in the Sylvari “Where life goes, so too, should you”, this is the mission for those who chose to retrace Malyck's steps. Head North from the Mrot Boru Waypoint to arrive at the entrance for the next instance in Venlin Vale.

Head across the bridge to meet with Caithe and Malyck. Talk wityh Malyck to that things moving forward:
Malyck: “Caithe is a strange conversationalist. She has so many questions, and gives so few answers”
Hero: “That's Caithe for you. Tell me, is this the bridge you remember?”
Maylyck: “Yes. There's a path to the river. Follow me. I'll lead you as best I remember.”
Hero: “I'm right behind you.”

Follow Malyck down the winding path to the North and East to the river below you. He will pause at the top of the slope for a moment to remember a mushroom patch. After that head on down the slope to the river. There are 5 Nightmare Courtiers gathered there (and a variety of types). They, too, are looking for Malyck. He and Caithe also find something to bond over too. Tear into the Courtiers.

Once they are all defeated, head into the river and follow it to the West and Northwest. Obviously there are going be a number of Brakish Skales to kill. They will usually attack in sets of 3. They are all lvl. 16 so it is at level fighting. For those in light armor, do whatever you can to boost up your armor or toughness first then fight. It is a long fight through the river to reach the place you are looking for. When you get there you have a cutscene:
Malyck: “That's my pod. Judging from your expression, I assume there's something wrong about it.”
Caithe: “Yes. Everything is wrong about it.”
Knight of Embers: “Don't listen to her. It is magnificent. There he is! The harbinger. Success! All that is left is to bring him before the Duchess Faolain.”
Malyck: “You are one stubborn weed, lady, and you're doing a band-up job of getting on my bad side. Who are you, and why do you want me?”
Embers: “I am the Knight of Embers. I was born dreaming of you, and it is my life's ambition to draw you into nightmare.”
Malyck: “Why? Why do you want me so badly that you would waste lives just to capture me?”
Embers: “Because you are the key to our freedom from Ventari's false laws. Your coming marks the turn of the tide between Dream and Nightmare. With your appearance, the truth grows ever closer. Come, the grand duchess awaits in the Venlin Vale.”
Malyck: “She can keep waiting. We destroyed your courtiers – you'll do no better. Defeat me if you can!”

If you want and easier time of things, just head across the river to the Western side and follow that to the north. Stay within the Instance area and it will not be long for you to reach the next group of Nightmare Courtiers. Defeating them has to happen whichever route you take as they will attack you either way.

Once you make it into the cave part of the river you are granted a reprieve from combat. Here you will encounter the Knight of embers once again. It is apparently in her dream to draw Malyck into the Nightmare. This is a very hard fight if you are not in at least medium armor. You must take on 5 Courtiers: 2 Apprentices,  a Marques and 2 Executioners. They are very intent on you and will do their best to take out your support quickly. Oddly, they will leave Malyck alone completely, just letting the Knight of Embers attack him. You must use fast and hard hitting attacks to make it through and expect to go down a number of times during this mission.

When you manage to defeat the Courtiers then the Knight of the Embers will flee from the scene, vowing to continue hunting Malyck until he turns:
Malyck: “The Knight of Embers: is a fool. Whatever this 'nightmare' is, it led her to obsession and madness. Is your 'Dream' the same?”
Hero: “No. The Dream is a vision of hope and a feeling of purpose. It guides us toward the light, not into evil.”
Malyck: “I wish I could say that I understood the difference, but I don't.”
Hero: “So, Caithe? Can you tell how this pod got so far from the Pale Tree?”
Caithe: “That is not the right question. Ask instead, 'How did this pod get so close to the Pale Tree?'”
Hero: “I don't understand. What do you mean?”
Caithe: “I must speak with Mother Tree – but first we must be certain that the Knight of Embers does not report to Duchess Faolain. If she studied this pod, as I did ...”
Hero: “What about Trahearne – we were to meet him at the Pale Tree.”
Caithe: “We have no time for meetings or explanations. The Knight of Embers must be stopped.”
Malyck: “Then we head to Venlin Vale – and to battle. Let us end this knight's threat once and for all.”