Guild Wars 2 – Preserving the Balance

This is the fourth and final mission for the Norn, “Lost Heirloom”. This is the mission for those who chose to side with Followed by Night and work with the Kodan to destroy the corrupted Horn Resounding. Head to the Song of Final Exile Waypoint. From there it is only a short walk to the entrance of the instance.

Head to the Southwest from there to find where all the action is going to start:
Followed by Night: “Koda sees that this choice ewas a difficult one, but he blesses you for seeing the greater wisdom in destroying the horn.”
Eir Stegalkin: “There's still a chance, Slayer. We can take the horn back  to Hoelbrak for safekeeping.”
Hero: “No, Eir. We've seen what it can do. If the Sons of Svanir captured it again, we would be giving them a weapon that could kill scores of people. The horn must be broken.”
Night: “Then I seek your aid, Southerners. Purifying this horn will not be easy. The energies inside are potent, and will not be easily purged. Speak to me when you are prepared.”

The first cutscene will end and you just need to follow Followed by Night to the Ritual site. Take some time to check over your gear and get ready for a long fight. This is not going to be easy for the record. Approach Followed by Night and talk with her:
Night: “Are you prepared for the ritual? Once it begins, it cannot be stopped until it is complete.”
Hero: “Yes, I'm ready. Let's begin.”

After a few verses of the prayer you will begin to see that you can attack the horn. Drain it down by a quarter of its health and a mass of Icebrood Elementals will appear and attack. There are least 10 of them at lvl. 19. Engage them carefully as even Guardians and Warriors can get taken down by the swarm that they can manage. Fight with area attacks if you have to take on more than one at once. Keep on fighting and do your best against them. There is only this wave before you get something of a break.

Head back to the horn after you have taken down the Elementals and healed up from the fight. Followed by Night will lead another prayer to weaken the horn and allow you attack it more. Wait until she says to strike as only then you can do something to the horn. As it reaches half health it will summon 4 Lvl. 19 Icebrood Colossi. These are massive, hard to miss and they hit just as hard as one would suspect. Dive in and tear them apart as best you can. It is the only way to continue with cleansing and destroying the horn.

It is time for round 3 with the horn. Heal as best you can as the intervals between combat are getting shorter. This time it is another mass of at least 15 Icebrood Elementals. Be grateful for the aid of the Kodan in this fight.

Now it is time to take down the final quarter of its health. Take a moment and revive any of the fallen warriors. This part is going to be the most difficult yet. Smashing the horn will unleash its corruption upon the Kodan that are nearby it. You must defeat the 5 that are turned by Jormag's power. It is just you, Garm, Eir and Followed by Night in this brawl to the finish.

Eir: “I wish we could have saved the horn. Perhaps you made the right choice, Slayer.”
Hero: “The kodan were right. The horn was corrupted and too dangerous to keep. I can always honor my ancestors in other ways. Their legacy lives on in me.”
Eir: “Be warned, Slayer. Memory has its own weight, and without warning you can become crushed under it, like an avalanche. Enough about the past. Garm and I need to tell Fastulf that the danger has passed. I'm sure we will meet again soon. May the Spirits guide your path, Slayer.”
Hero: “You as well, Eir. Safe Travels.”

Claim and your rewards and thus end the Norn “Lost Heirloom Storyline.”