Guild Wars 2 – Means to an End

This is the fourth and final mission for the Norn “Lost Heirloom”. This followed those who have chosen to preserve the legacy of Romke. This will have you bring the Horn Resounded back to Hoelbrak with Eir Stegalkin. Go to the Great Lodge Waypoint as it will place you the closest to the beginning of the instance.

Once inside the instance head over tot he Southwest. Approach Eir and Garm to trigger the beginning of the events inside the instance:
Eir Stegalkin: “Something troubling you, Slayer? You've been silent as snowfall since we left the kodan.”
Hero: “It's the horn. I was irresponsible for gambling it away in the first place. It's not the best way to honor a legacy.”
Eir: “And yet you tracked it down, fought Varg, and rescued the horn. I was proud to stand with you. You truly honored a legacy, and infused with it your own.”
Hero: “When I was young, I thought our legends were built on drinking and killing. Turns out it gets forged in quieter moments, like now, standing with a friend after an adventure.”
Eir: “I am honored to be your friend. It's been a while since I've used that word. Place the horn on the trophy mount. Let us reflect on what we've learned, friend.”

Now approach the marked mount that is behind Eir. You will encounter a cutscene where Niilo Wolfskinner will drop from the rafters and lay claim to the horn once again. He fights very hard and has 4 Sonsof Svanir backing him up. It is no small feat to take him down. Only a warrior, guardian or other heavily armored class can go toe to toe with him. Everyone else is best off keeping mobile and letting Eir and Garm do most of the tanking. Knock him down and daze him, interrupting his attacks. He packs a lot of punch and is not one to be taken lightly. If you can take out the Sons of Svanir that are backing him up then the fight will be a lot easier.

Once the fight is over then there is one more cutscene:
Eir: “It's shattered. All that work, and the horn is broken. I thought we could save it. I thought we could keep Romke's legacy in your hands.”
Hero: “Yet the horn saved us and defeats the Sons. If it were a norn, we would say that it fought and died well. And we would celebrate that norn's legacy. What's important is what we take away. I can be obsessed about the pieces on the ground or be inspired by the legacy. I choose inspiration.”
Eir: “That's a choice I've wrestled with, too. Travel well, Slayer. Until we meet again.”

Choose your reward and finish out the quest. This will complete the Norn “Lost Heirloom” storyline.