Guild Wars 2 – Darkness at Drakentelt

This is the third mission in the Norn Lost Heirloom. Head to the South of the Hunter's Pitfalls into the Villmark Foothills. The entrance to the instance is sitting right in the middle of the road.

Once inside the instance you want to head forward with Followed by Night and Eir Stegalkin (and Garm). Talk with Eir to begin the whole scenario here:
Followed by Night: “Yes. The imbalance is stronger here. I can sense the horn, casting a long dark shadow.”
Eir Stegalkin: “Varg used the horn to summon Ice Imps. If he found a way to infuse the horn with Jormag's corruption, there's no telling what else he could unleash with it.”
Hero: “Then stay close and move face. We're not leaving without the horn.”

Time to get moving now. Head forward to the Southeast. You will find at least 5 Sons of Svanir waiting nearby. All of them lvl. 16. Head just a little more up the hill and you have another trio of Sons. Head up to the lodge to be attacked by 5 Icebrood Elementals. Once you defeat them it is onto a cutscene with Varg breaking through the door of Drakentelt:
Hero: “Varg! You cheated me out of my inheritance. I know your dice were loaded. Give back my ancestor's horn!”
Varg: “You were stupid enough to be cheated. You were stupid enough to not know how powerful this horn is. Now you'll die because you were stupid enough to fight me.”
Eir: “Hand over the horn, Varg, and no one has to suffer.”
Varg: “No, but if you bow down before me, girl, I'll make your sacrifice to Jormag a fast one.”
Hero: “Then it's by force.”

Varg is a lvl. 17 Warrior who will come at you with a surprising ferocity. For those in lighter armor it is important to hang back some and let Followed by Night and Garm handle most of the tanking. In the fray though Varg can induce some stun and daze so be wary of it. He will be fighting you head on until you get him around half health. At that point he will summon an Icebrood Elemental to aid him in battle. Just keep pounding away on him to make it a quick battle. Still, the Icebrood is nothing to scoff at so pay it some mind and break it apart. When the fight is over you will be able to reclaim your heirloom horn:
Hero: “The horn's still in one pieces, but it feels strange, like a bitter wind is blowing through it all the time.”
Followed by Night: “It is Jormag's corruption, from every crevice and corner. It is no longer the horn we crafted for Romke. It has become a vessel of darkness. My people know a way to destroy such distortion.”
Eir: 'But in our hands, we can preserve Romke's legacy. His descendant should decide whether to keep the horn, or destroy it. It is your choice, Slayer. You can reclaim the horn and Romke's legacy.”
Night: “Or you can maintain the balance by destroying this corrupted horn. Choose wisely, southerner.”

Now it is time to choose which mission you will take on next. If you side with Followed by Night and opt to destroy the horn you will get the mission, “Preserving the Balance”. If you side with Eir Stegalkin you will get the mission, “Means to an End.”