Guild Wars 2 – Among the Kodan

This is the second mission in the Norn “Lost Heirloom” storyline. Head up to Dawnrise Pass Waypoint and head through the passage to the Northwest and into the next area. You will find the entrance to the next instance just ahead of you.

Head into the instance and wait for Followed by Night to approach. You are going to have a conversation with them soon enough. Interact with followed by Night to start the conversation:
Eir Stegalkin: “Honored Kodan, I come to see if you will hear the plea if a descendant of Romke. Do you know the name?”
Followed by Night: “Yes! Romke is well known in our tales as a strange but honorable southerner. If you brought me one of his line, I'll listen.”
Hero: “I promise that you'll want to hear this. My ancestor carried a horn given to him by the kodan. It was passed down to me. It was stolen from me before I knew of its magical power. Now I need to find the horn before there are dire consequences.”
Night: “Your ancestor was wise in many ways, and a trusted ally of the kodan. But you... I do not know you yet, other than your tale of loss. So, in Koda's name, prove yourself to me. The dredge to the south ravage the land. Their mine director calls himself 'The Overminer.' Kill him and bring proof of his death. In return, I will tell you all I know of the Horn Resounding.”
Hero: “A worthwhile cause. The dredge plague both our races. I'll handle this 'Overminer' and we'll talk again.”

Head over to the West along the path into the mountain there. Head to the North and into the mountain. There you will encounter your first trio of lvl. 14 dredge. Defeat them and continue to the North. When you find the first bend you will find another trio of the dredge. Take them down and continue onto the next chamber.

In the next chamber you have another trio of Dredge. This one has a pair of Ratkin and a Reverberant. This changes the fighting a little as another Ratkin will join the fray. This makes it a little of a fight. Head to the Northern tunnel to find the Overminer. Once you engage him just pound away on him until he is skwered. He has some stunning powers so be wary of them. When the fighting is over it is time for a quick cutscene:
Eir: “A fine battle! You fought with such skill, such precision. The dredge were no match for you.”
Hero: “For us, you mean. Two heroes are better than one.”
Eir: “of course. These challenges will prepare you well for taking up the mantle of leadership. Now grab the weapon. Followed by Night owes us a story.”

Head over to the Overminer's corpse and grab his Boomstick. While you have this in your possession you will have the following shots available to you:
Shoot: “Shoot a sonic boom that befuddles your target.”
Activation: 0.5s, Damage: 16, Confusion (4.5s): 32 Damage on Skill Use, Range: 1,200, Cooldown: 1s

Sonic Boom: “Hold to emit a stream of debilitating noise form the end of the gun.”
Activation: 1.25s, Damage: 52, Daze: 3s, Range 600, Cooldown: 15s

Bash: “Launch your foe with a powerful rack of the rifle stock.”
Activation: 0.5s, Damage: 52, Blowout: 300, Range: 130, Cooldown: 12s

Now you just need to back through the tunnel out to the East. Just head on out and follow the road back to Followed by Night:
Night: “At last. The Overminer will no longer tear out the heart of the land. You have satisfied Koda, and I will aid you. I have sensed a recent disruption in the balance of the land. I imagine it is this Son of Svanir you mention, this Varg. When he summons creatures with the horn, only more imbalance results. I have witnessed many actives Sons of Svanir in Drakentelt. The disruption seems centered there.
Hero: “Drakentelt is a short jaunt south of here. If Varg is there with my horn, it should be simple enough to take it back.”
Night: “I will find you there and lend you Koda's strength. My people crafted this horn. We will help you find it.”
Eir: “yes. The slayer and I started this together together, and we'll finish it that way. But we also wish to know more about the kodan people, and we welcome your presence.”

With all that said, it is time to claim your reward and then it is off to the next mission: “Darkness at Drakentelt.”