Guild Wars 2 – Rumors of Trouble

This is one of the second storylines that a Norn can follow. It reveals the consequences of the moot event that you chose. Head back to Heolbrak and meet Eir Stegalkin at her Homestead in the Southeast.

Once inside the instance head up the slope to the Southwest. You will find that Fastulf Jotharsson has come to call on  Eir's help as one of Wolf's is in need of aid. Talk with Eir to learn more of what is going on:
Eir Stegalkin: “Trouble is brewing, and Fastulf the Wolf Shaman has summoned the two of us to deal with it.”
Fastulf Jotharsson: “Wolf sent me a dark vision. My friend Krennak's homestead was burning and besieged by ice creatures. I saw you there with Eir, fighting them off. It's a clear sign.”
Hero: “Of course I'll help your friend. If the pack needs an alpha, I'm ready.”
Fastulf: “Wolf's vision hints that you two are meant to walk a greater path. I can see that his wisdom and cunning live in both of you.”
Eir: “Wolf knows I would never turn my back on a friend like Krennak. I'll meet you at his homestead, and we'll deal with any trouble together.”

Turn your attention to the Wayfarer Foothills. There you will find the waypoint you are looking for to the North in the Hunter's lake: Krennak's Homestead Waypoint. Head Head to it to find the next instance.

Once inside this second instance, head to the North to meet with Eir Stegalkin once again. She tells you head up the road and talk with Krennak:
Krennak the Short: “It's Eir Stegalkin and the Slayer of Issormir. What brings you here?”
Eir: “Krennak, old friend, your lodge is looking magnificent. Tell me, have you seen any trouble lately? Omens of bad fortunes to come?”
Krennak: “Dredge are making noise, but that's nothing series. There is Varg, though. He was here recently, boasting about his strength with the Sons of Svaniur. He does seem changed. In fact, it looks as if you're just in time for one of his visist, Sprits blight him! Leave this to me, friend. I've dealt with Varg before.

Krennak: “What are you doing, Varg? I told you, you aren't welcome on my land.”
Varg: “I go where I wish. You thinkyou can banish me, a proud Sons of Svanir, from your stupid tavern? In Jormag's name, you'll die for that arrogance. This horn is the roar of the Ice Dragon. Hear it and cower, for it signals your death!”
Eir: “Those are Ice Imps! Watch yourself – they spit ice!

Now it is on to the fighting. 4 Ice Imps are the first wave you need to cut through. Keep your distance if you are not in heavy armor. They pack a solid punch and can do some serious damage. Just work patiently and you will get through them before too long.

Next up is a wave of 3 Icebrood elementals. These are all lvl. 11 so be careful, as they are close to equal footing. Less, if you have over leveled and have more skill slots open to you. Engage them at close range as they are more caster than fighter in this instance.

The thired and final wave is comprised of 2 Ice Imps, 1 Veteran Ice Elemental. The Ice Imps are lvl. 10, making them a lot easier to take down. The Ice Elemental is lvl. 11 and it shows. It takes a lot more effort to bring it down. Just cut through the imps then pound away on the Ice Elemental

After the fight you need to speak with Eir again:
Eir: “I've never seen ice imps this close to Hoelbrak. Varg's horn must have powerful magic to have summoned them.”
Hero: “That's not his horn. It was passed down to me through my family from my ancestor, Romke.”
Krennek: “His boldness as an explorer is legendary. But why does Varg have your family heirloom?”
Hero: “I wagered it at the moot in a dice game with Varg. He cheated, but I didn't catch on until after he'd left. I had no idea it was a magic horn. According to the family stories, Romke got it as a gift from a clan of bear-people.”
Eir: “That must be the kodan. They have an enclave near Hunter's lake. Meet me there, and I'll introduce you. We can find out if they know any more about the horn.”

Claim your reward and leave the instance it is time to continue onto the next mission: “Among the Kodan.”