Guild Wars 2 – Aid the warden of Shadowheart

“Fill gourds at the fountain to cure sick sylvari, stop the spread of corrupted fungus, and defeat the undead corrupting the swamp.”

Head to the Shadowheart Site Waypoint. Head over to the Southeast and take the ramp there upwards to the West. At the top you will find Warden Caedmon. Talk with him to learn more of what is going on around the Shadowheart Site:
Warden Caedmon: “There seems to be no end to these undead creatures. Their corruption is spreading across all of Lychcroft Mere.”
Hero: “Is there anything I can do to help?”
Caedmon: “Anything you can do to squelch their corruption would help us. Their evil seems to be permeating the water itself.”
Hero A) “What can be done about the undead?”
Caedmon A) “It's not clear if they can be stopped, but they can definitely be killed. Each and every one of these monsters that you kill is a great aid to Shadowheart.”
Hero: “What else can I do?”

Hero B) “I saw some sort of fungus.”
Caedmon B) “The undead seem to be corrupting the waters too, and it's making strange plants appear. Who knows what those fungi will do to our encampment. Stomp them out!”
Hero: “What else can I do?”

Hero C) “I saw some sort of fountain.”
Caedmon C) “Yes, we bring pure water from Caledon Forest and store it here. The swamp waters make all but the strongest of us sick, but the stored waters can be used to rejuvenate us and the red turret flowers.”
Hero: “What else can I do?”

Hero D) “Your people seem to be in danger.”
Caedmon D) “The Wardens are brave fighters, but we are not invincible. You would be doing us a great service if you helped tend to our sick and wounded.”
Hero: “What else can I do?”

With everything explained it is time to get to work helping people around here. The first thing on the agenda would be to grab one of the nearby gourds. Now walk underneath one of the streams of water from the plant above. This will fill the gourd so it is ready for use. All they can ever do is hold a single dose of the Caledon Water. You will need to make frequent trips back to the fountain to refill the gourd.

The closest targets will always be some of the red turret plants. Just splash them with some water to restore them to full bloom. Now look around for limping sylvari or ones with an icon over their head. Splash them with water to restore them to full health.

After doing what you can for the camp itself it is time to venture farther into the swamp and work on the undead and the corrupted mushrooms that have shown up.

When you finish with the renown quest you will get the letter, “Thamks from Lynchcroft Mere” with 1 silver, 20 copper attached:
“Thank you for helping us battle the corruption. This camp was peaceful for ages, but with the undead drifting up from the south, the danger is growing. I fear for the Grove; if the corruption is traveling north, then Caledon Forest is almost certainly being affected as well.

“I pray we can resolve this invasion expediently – Warden Caedeon”

Be sure to return to Warden Caedeon at a later point. He is now selling the following Karma Items:
Brightheart Orchid: 224
Accessory: +8 Healing Power, Lvl. 22

Shadowed Researcher's Scepter of Force: 350 Karma
Scepter, Weapon Strength: 231 – 261, +14 Power, Minor Sigil of Force (+1% Damage), Lvl. 22

Shadowed Researcher's Staff of Force: 525 Karma
Staff, Weapon Strength: 255 – 287, +29 Condition Damage, Minor Sigil of Force (+1% Damage), Lvl. 22

Shadowed Researcher's Focus of Force: 350 Karma
Focus, Weapon Strength: 215 – 228, +14 Condition Damage, Minor Sigil of Force (+1% Damage), Lvl. 22

Researcher's Staff: 266 Karma
Staff, Weapon Strength: 235 – 264, +26 Condition Damage, Lvl. 22

Researcher's Focus: 175 Karma
Focus, Weapon Strength: 198 – 210, +13 Condition Damage, Lvl. 22

Researcher's Scepter: 175 Karma
Scepter, Weapon Strength: 213 – 240, +13 Power, Lvl. 22

Crude Salvage kit: 28 Karma