System: Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo
Title: Earthworm Jim
Publisher: Playmates Interactive
Circa: 1994

Titlescreen of Earthworm Jim

If there was one thing that the latter portion of the Genesis's life was marked by was odder games. With games like Boogerman and Comix Zone, there was so much that seemed just off. Still, among those titles you will find Earthworm Jim. A quirky, challenging and enjoyable title that made it out of the masses titled Earthworm Jim.

Jim was an ordinary earthworm until one fateful day when a suit falls from outer space. Jim manages to find his way into it and is transformed into an intelligent being (by earthworm standards). He leaves earth and finds himself chasing after Princess Whats-Her-Name as she has been captured by Queen Slug-For-A-Butt and Psy-crowe. There are a number of other characters after Jim and his Power Suit as well.

 There is not much variety in the game, but what there is shows what a game could really do for that time. You alternate between the regular platforming puzzling craziness and a variety of mini-games. Between the two it does make for a more enjoyable game.

Gameplay of Earthworm Jim


While these are not too bad to deal with, there are aspects that are annoying. At a fundamental level it really is not too hard. It is more pulling off some of the maneuvers you can do that gets tricky, like Jim using his slow fall or whip climbing.

This game has a fairly good mix of layers overall. The landscape is quite vibrant with a solid mix of colors. Jim is very well animated and has some different responses to attacks.

Sound Effects & Music
This goes between nice and a little tedious. What voice acting is there is pretty good though and worth hearing.

Earthworm What? I never heard of this one.

Summary/Author’s Take
A decidedly more obscure game out there without a lot of recgonition. This does go both way. Even with the release of it recently into an HD format it would still remain a more hidden title. Regardless, it is a fun game to play and one that is easy to recommend for something quirky and silly.

Story: 80%                Very basic but there enough
Gameplay: 94%            Jumping Puzzles with quirky gags
Multiplayer: n/a            None
Controls: 80%            Not bad
Graphics: 97%            Vibrant and bright
SFX & Music: 82%            Off-beat but tasty
Obscurity: 40%            My older friend has it ...
Overall: 87%                Solid, classic game

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