Guild Wars 2 – Help Matlal collect truffles for her starving tribe

“Speak to Matlal to begin truffle hunting for her. Also, clear burrows, or kill hostile ettins.”

Head to the Northern end of the Eurkaryan Caves. You will find a cave heading into the island itself. It is in there you will find Matlal who you can talk to so you know more of what is going on.
Matlal: “My people are trapped in our village by krait. Since we can't hunt the waters, we've been starving. There are edible truffles in this cave, but they're hard to find. Will you help?”
Hero A) “I'll help you.”
Matlal A) “Thank you! Now, the pig magic will give you powers, but it will not protect you from ettins. Be careful.”
Hero E) “Wait. Pig magic?” - Become a pig.

Hero B) “Why can't you get them yourself?”
Matlal B) “My nose is useless in this damp cave. Too unfamiliar, too many interfering scents. The village would starve if they waited for me to find truffles alone
Hero A) “Ok, I'll help
Hero C) “I don't think my nose will help.”
Matlal C) “Maybe not, but I have magic. Magic that will make you a great truffle hunter
Hero A) “Fine. I'll help.”
Hero D) “What kind of magic?”
Matlal D) “Very old, very deep magic. It will give you many great strengths and knowledge of the earth and what it holds.”
Hero A) “Sounds fun!”

Pig Abilities:
Smell: “Smell the air to catch the aroma of truffles.”
Cooldown: 2.5s
Forage: “See what you can find.”
Activation: 4.5s Cooldown: 5s
Bite: “Bite your target.”
Activation: 1s, Damage: 162, Range: 175
Run: “Run as fast as you can, gain health.”
Regen(5s): 193 Heal, Healing: 125, Cooldown: 15s
Shake off: “Force yourself out of pig form. This might hurt.”
Activation: 1s

Now that you are a pig, you can search for truffles. Just keep activating your first ability and look around for a cloud that will appear. Head over to that location and forage. It will yield a truffle that you can then bring back to Matlal. This is a fairly well paced way to complete this renown quest. It helps to set this to auto-attack. The ability can be used concurrently with most of the pig's ability set thus making it ideal to simply seek them all out.

After that you can also look around for burrows to enter as a pig. This will call out a Lvl. 22 Grub that you must fight but it will also yield 2 truffles that you can bring back as well. It takes some time to do this, but it is faster than finding 2 different truffle spots.

Finally, there are Ettin and grubs that need to be dealt with. The Ettin can be harder to fight thanks to the fact they can stun you and still bring a little pain to you when you are down on the ground. Be wary as there is a Veteran Ettin inside the cave that does not take too long to respawn after each kill. The grubs only show when people dig into burrows for truffles. You only need to worry about them biting you and setting you on fire.

When you  complete this renown quest you will get the letter, “Thanks from the Tagotl” with 1 silver, 20 copper:
“Thank you for helping to feed my people and keep them safe. You will always be a welcome friend of the Tagotl. Your Friend – Matlal”

Return to Matlal when you desire. She will be selling the following Karma Items:
Truffle-Baited Harpoon of Force: 525 Karma
Spear, Weapon Strength: 234 – 258, +29 Healing Power, Minor Sigil of Force: +1% Damage, Lvl. 22

Truffle-Baited Speargun of Force: 525 Karma
Harpoon Gun, Weapon Strength: 234 – 258, +29 Precision, Minor Sigil of Force: +1% Damage, Lvl. 22

Truffle-Baited Trident of Force: 525 Karma
Trident, Weapon Strength: 234 – 258, +29 Power, Minor Sigil of Force: +1% Damage, Lvl. 22

Tagotl Harpoon: 266 Karma
Spear, Weapon Strength: 216 – 238, +26 Power, Lvl. 22

Tagotl Speargun: 266 Karma
Harpoon Gun, Weapon Strength: 216 – 238, +26 Precision, Lvl. 22

Tagotl Trident: 266 Karma
Trident, Weapon Strength: 216 – 238, +26 Healing Power, Lvl. 22

Tagotl Truffle Charm: 224 Karma
Accessory: +8 Power, Lvl. 22

Tagotl Magic Vial: 225
Accessory: +8 Precision, Lvl. 22

Matlal Enchanted Pig Truffle: 168 Karma
Double-click to transform into a truffle-hungry procine hero.

Crude Salvage Kit: 28 Karma