Guild Wars 2 – Help Doolsileep Protect Moogooloo Village

“Free slaves from the krait, kill quaggans' predators, clear krait nets, and collect tasty crab meat for Doolsileep.”

Head to the Northern part of Viathan Lake. Underwater you will find the Moogooloo Wayoint to the south of that you will find Doolsileep to talk to and learn more of the situation in the area:
Doolsileep: “Stupid krait, attacking quaggans and trying to take quaggans as slaves. Maybe you could help quaggans with their krait problem? Or at least bring quaggans some crab meat for food?”
Hero A) “Tell me more about the krait.”
Doolsileep A) “Krait slavers steal quaggans and take them to the blood witch! Quaggans never return from her cave. Also, they put up nets to catch quaggans and fish alike! Now the whole quaggan city is hungry.”
Hero: “So the krait like to eat fish?”
Doolsileep: “Noooo, krait just want to make quaggans hungry. They're trying to starve quaggans until we have to leave the village. If we try to remove nets, slavers come.”
Hero: “How else can I help?” - Returns to first branch of conversation

Hero B) “Crab meat?”
Doolsileep B) “Cooooo, quaggan is a great cook. Quaggan cooks for the whole village, but quaggan can't collect tasty crabs with all the nasty krait in the lake.”

There are quite a few things to do with this renown quest. First, go around the village and look around for Krait nets. There are usually one or two. Sometimes pulling these down will call in krait. The krait have to be nearby for the effect to trigger. If they are not, you still get the progress for pulling down the net.

Head to the South of the village and start searching the Lake floor. There you can find crab traps that you can arm to help out the village. Better though is for you to search for Hard Shell Crabs and take them on directly. It is nothing too hard to defeat them compared to the krait. Loot the bodies afterward to collect some crab meat. This will be as a trophy and as a second trophy that you can turn into Doolsileep.

Finally, there is rescuing those that have been captured by the krait. Look for krait slavers that have collected some of the villages. Engage and defeat them. It will not be long before you take them down.

When you complete the renown quest you will get the letter, “Quaggan Loves You” with 1 silver. 24 copper:
“You protected quaggans from the horrible krait. Quaggans are now safe to get crab meat for food. Krait won't bother poor quaggans again. You are welcome back any time! Bringer of food, hero of quaggan! Quaggans will remember you always – Doolsileep.”

Return to Doolsileep and it will be selling the following Karma Items:
Doolsileep's Seashell Charm: 231 Karma
Recipe: Moogooloo Harpoon
Weaponsmith: 50, Double-click to learn.
Recipe: Moogooloo Trident: 231 Karma
Artificer: 50, Double-click to learn.
Recipe: Moogooloo Speargun: 231 Karma
Huntsman: 50, Double-click to learn.
Accessory: +8 Precision, Lvl. 23
Crude Salvage Kit: 28 Karma