Guild Wars 2 – Kessex Hills Skill Points and Challenges

1 – Blackroot Cut Skill Challenge:
Head to the Northeastern corner of the Blackroot Cut marsh. There you will find a portal to the Underworld with a skill marker on it. Poke into the portal to summon up 2 shades that you will need to kill. They are lvl. 17 and hard. This is compounded by the Aatxe you find the area as well. At best it is 3 to 1 here. Like though it will be worse odds than that.

2 – Wizard's Fief Skill Challenge:
Head to the Southwestern part of the Fief, to the South of the Black Wound Defile. There you will find Master Elementalist Dylane who is offering up a challenge. They will unleash a Lvl. 20 Fire Elemental that you need to defeat.

This Elemental loves to weave and swoop around the area. Do what you can to have it still or take it on with ranged attacks. Ground based traps still have an effect on it so take advantage of that.

3 – Eukaryan Caves Skill Challenge:
Head to the Northern end of the Eukaryan Caves Island. At the peak of the Northern hill you will find Tocatl. He is a Lvl. 21 Hylek warrior with a spear. You need get and start moving as you need to fight him with his nearby turret firing on you. He is nothing too bad. The problem is Ol' Stinky. It will fire regularly and the only way to avoid it is to either be immune to poison or dodge it when you can. Just focus on Tocatl and it will not be long before you can claim the Skill Point.

4 – Draithor's Demesnes Skill Point:
Head to the South of Blackroot Cut. There you will find Draithor's Demesnes with some work. You will find the cave entrance you need by heading from the Cut to the South underneath the bridge toward the Haven. Along the Eastern Wall you will find the cave entrance. Once inside the cave things start to get harder. You need to fight your way through to the eastern wall in the back of the cave. Between your objective and you is Draithor's horde. You will find fiends (devourers) and Wurms. Just before the skill point itself you will find a Veteran Draithor's Wurm that is blocking the way. The good news is they do not use all the normal attacks of wurms. The hard part is just its size. Fight as best you can.

Behind all of that you will find an Enchanted Meat Rack. Take one of the pieces of meat from here and eat it. Be sure you are not under attack when you eat this as you will be knocked down for a second. That will get you the skill point.

5 – Meremoot Hill Skill Point:
The final skill point is in the Southwestern area. It is to the Northwest of the Lychcroft Mere Waypoint. The major complication with this location is that it is in the center of a centaur camp. There are a lot of them present and they are ready to just tear into you.