Guild Wars 2 – Help Sergeant Rane

“Clear out unexploded shot, recover the badges of fallen Seraph, and defeat as many centaurs and bandits as possible.”

Head out to the Meadows Waypoint in the Greyhoof Meadows. To the East of the Waypoint you will find Sergeabnt Rane. Talk with him to learn more about what she is after in this area:
Sergeant Rane: “Greetings. I'm Sergeant Erika Rane. Excue me if I'm a bit with you. This endless war is wearing everyone down.”
Hero: “How can I help?”
Rane: “Take out a few centaurs, or flush out bandits. We also need help clearing out some of the centaur ordnance and collecting badges.”
Hero A) “Ordnance?”
Rane: “The centaurs recklessly fire explosive shots from their siege weapons. Many of them don't go off when they land. The unexploded shots are volatile and need to be cleared away
Hero: “What else can I do?”

Hero B) “Badges?”
Rane: “Every Seraph carries a badge. If a soldier falls, it is customary to give this badge to the family. It would be a great help if you could bring any badges you find in the area back to me.”
Hero: “What else can I do?”

Hero C) “Centaurs and bandits?”
Rane: “Intelligence indicates that they may be working together. My personal suspicion is that the bandits are supplying the centaur's weapons. Regardless of the relationship, they are all a menace.”
Hero: “What else can I do?”

With everything explained then it is time to head into the fiend and start searching. There are no lacking of centaurs or bandits in the area. Whenever you find one, just kill them off. It does not take too long overall. Just be ready if you find a larger group. They can be a pain if there are enough of them. Centaur are found to the West across the river. The bandits are usually found to the South by the bay.

The next thing to look for would be a smoking crater Most of these are found to the Southwest of Sergeant Rane. There you will find an Unexploded Shot. Approach it and interact with it. You will go to pick it up and it will explode in your face. It does negligible damage but it would not be recommended to do that just before a fight as you need to get up.

Finally, there are the badges to collect. While you will still find downed Seraph that you can revive for credit as well, you are looking for Seraph Remains. They are found all over the area. These are sparkling, making them easier to spot at a short range. When you have a good number, bring them in to Sergeant Rane. She will thank you and give you more credit for having collected the badges.

When you finish the renown quest you will get the letter, “Aiding the Seraph” with 1 silver, 20 copper:
“Thank you for your aid with Greyhoof Meadows. The high quality of the centaurs' armaments makes it difficult for us to retain control of the meadows. Finding the source – likely bandit suppliers – will be critical to pushing them out of these lands once and for all”

“regardless, distributing those badges to the families of the fallen Seraph is of utmost importance to us, and you have helped make that possible. New we can finally give those families something to commemorate their loved ones' service – Sergeant Rane.”
Seraph-Issue Leather Leggings of Divinity: 490 Karma
Medium Armor, Defense: 44, +11 Condition Damage, Minor Rune of Divinity(1: +3 to all stats, +1% critical damage), Lvl. 22

Seraph-Issue Greaves of Divinity: 490 Karma
Armor, Defense: 48, +11 Healing Power, Minor Rune of Divinity(1: +3 to all stats, +1% critical damage), Lvl. 22

Seraph-Issue Light Leggings of Divinity: 490 Karma
Light Armor, Defense: 39, +11 Condition Damage, Minor Rune of Divinity(1: +3 to all stats, +1% critical damage), Lvl. 22

Seraph-Issue Leather Leggins: 245 Karma
Medium Armor, Defense: 40, +10 Condition Damage, Lvl. 22

Seraph-Issue Light Leggings: 245 Karma
Light Armor, Defense: 36, +10 Condition Damage, Lvl. 22

Seraph-Issue Greaves: 245 Karma
Heavy Armor, Defense: 44, +10 Power, Lvl. 22

Seraph Scout Badge: 224 Karma
Accessory: +8 Healing Power, Lvl. 22