Guild Wars 2 – Aid Fort Salma

“Help battle centaurs, disarm their traps, and repair the damage from their assaults.”

Head to the Fort Salma Waypoint. Proceed out of the fort through its Southwest exit to find Sergeant Yarbough. Talk with him to learn more of what is happening here between the Seraph and the Centaurs:
Sergeant Yarbrough: “Those confounded centaurs will never quit! Will we never know pace?”
Hero: “What can I do to help?”
Yarbrough: “You can kill some centaurs, clear their traps, or clean up unexploded siege weapon shots. You could also help rebuild this town.”
Hero: “I'll do what I can to help.”

One of the easiest things you can do for this quest is grab a water bucket and then looking around for any of the numerous things on fire. Just approach and stand next to them to effectively put out the fire. Most of the fires can be found to the West of Sergeant Yarbrough. To put the fires in trees and bushes, aim for the middle of the plant. That will put it out for you.

As you head farther away from the Sergeant to the West you will begin to find unexploded siege shots. Approach these and interact with them. More often than not they will simply explode in your face. It does help along the quest and you only take about 100 damage for it. Also, in their vicinity, you will find Spike Traps. Again, interact with them to disarm them. These at least will not explode in your face. If you are having trouble finding them then just head along the road to the Southeast. You will find a good number of them just sitting around.

If the centaurs have control of Wallwatcher camp, then you will find no lack of them. Otherwise expect  doing a lot of work around the town. They are not too hard one on one, or two on one. It is once you get above that you may need to worry. They can be found to the Southwest of Wallwatch Camp overwise. There are only a few and you must be sure you are in range of this renown quest.

When you complete this renown quest you will get the letter, “The Defense of Fort Salma” with 1 silver and 24 copper attached:
“Thank you for yoru service in defending our fort. Fort Salma is our strongest foothold in the north, and a beacon for all of the townspeople. Had it been allowed to fall … I don't want to think of the impact it would have on morale. If you wish to keep helping the war effort, I would ask you to continue south. Overlord's Greatcamp is the primary centaur stronghold and we have had little luck breaking it, but with your assistance we could gain some ground.

“Best of luck – Sergeant Yarbrough”

Return to Sergeant Yarbrough and he will be selling the following Karma Items:
Seraph-Issue Breastplate of Divinity: 546 Karma
Heavy Armor, Defense: 74, +17 Toughness,  Minor Rune of Divinity(1: +3 to all stats, +1% critical damage), Lvl. 23

Seraph-Issue Coat of Divinity: 546 Karma
Light Armor, Defense: 65, +17 Power, Minor Rune of Divinity(1: +3 to all stats, +1% critical damage), Lvl. 23

Seraph-Issue Jacket of Divinity: 546 Karma
Medium Armor, Defense: 70, +1_ , Minor Rune of Divinity(1: +3 to all stats, +1% critical damage), Lvl. 23

Seraph-Issue Jacket: 273 Karma
Medium Armor, Defense: 64, +15 Power, Lvl. 23

Seraph-Issue Breastplate: 273 Karma
Heavy Armor, Defense: 68, +15 Toughness, Lvl. 23

Seraph-Issue Coat: 273 Karma
Light Armor, Defense: 59, +15 Vitality, Lvl. 23

Dwayna's Salmic Charm: 224 Karma
Accessory: +8 Healing Power, Lvl. 22

Seraph-Issue Sword of Force: 364 Karma
Sword, Weapon Strength: 239 - 264, +15 Condition Damage, Minor Sigil of Force: +1% Damage, Lvl. 23

Seraph-Issue Shield of Force: 364 Karma
Shield, Defense: 13, Weapon Strength 213 – 240, +15 Toughness, Minor Sigil of Force: +1% Damage, Lvl. 23

Seraph-Issue Warhorn of Force: 364 Karma
Warhorn, Weapon Strength 215 – 237, +15 Condition Damage, Minor Sigil of Force: +1% Damage, Lvl. 23

Seraph-Issue Sword: 182 Karma
Sword, Weapon Strength 220 – 243, +14 Condition Damage, Lvl. 23

Seraph-Issue Shield: 182 Karma
Shield, Defense: 12, Weapon Strength 196 – 221, +14 Toughness, Lvl. 23

Seraph-Issue Warhorn: 182 Karma
Warhorn, Weapon Strength 198 – 219, +14 Condition Damage, Lvl. 23

Mithril Harvesting Sickle: 378 Karma
Capable of gathering produce in maps up to level 70.

Crude Salvage Kit: 28 Karma