Guild Wars 2 – The Apothecary

This is the second mission in the Street Rat Origin Story. This has you chasing after your friend Quinn to try to save him from Two-Blade Pete. Head out to Queensdale and go over to the Village of Shaemoor and go to the marker to begin the next part of this storyline.

Head into the South in front of you. You will hear the gang talking about how they need to get this dangerous stuff back to Pete. They will tell you that Quinn is upstairs. He is trying to stop the gang from hurting (or killing) the old apothecary:
Apothecary: “Please don't kill me! I've given you everything you asked for.”
Quinn: “What are you doing? We don't need to hurt her.”
Bandit Thug: “We do what Pete says, and Pete says she dies.”
Quinn: “Yeah? Well … well, I say no way!”
Bandit Thug: “Say whatever you want, but I'm not leaving her alive.”

With the cutscene over it is onto the fighting. You have a good 5 Bandits to contend with, all lvl. 4. The good news is that Quinn is there to help out throughout the fight. After that, it is time for the second round of combat to protect the Apothecary. She has a good 4 Bandits come after her. Just like last time, keep yourself between her and them. Just pound away until they all go down.

Quinn: “I had things under control, but I'm glad you showed up.”
Apothecary: “As am I. We owe you our lives. But they took my entire supply of rhizome powder. It's a strong poison.”
Hero: “Poison? Quinn, what's going on? The Seraph are going to be here any second. If we tell them what Pete's planning, they can stop it.”
Quinn: “You're working for the Seraph? When did you become a rat? Don't you know you can't trust the law?”
Hero: “I trust Thackeray more than Two-Blade. Come on. You wouldn't help stab one person, why would you help poison dozens? Be smart for once. Lay low until Thackeray makes his move and Pete's either died or in prison.”
Quinn: “But I … but I … but uh, you're right. Listen, thanks for saving me. I'll do what you say and hole up until all this blows over. And hey, thanks again.”

After that cinematic, the Seraph will arrive and Quinn will run off. Head on outside so you can talk with everyone there. You can talk some with Countess Anise. Use this time to increase one of the personality traits available to you. This is followed by another cutscene when you talk with Logan Thackeray:
Logan Thackeray: “We heard the commotion, but it looks like you took care of it. Allow me to introduce Countess Anise, Advisor to the Royal Court and Master Exemplar of the Shining Blade. What happened here?”
Hero: “The apothecary's safe. But Pete's gang got away with a lot of poisonous rhizome powder. I feel responsible; I couldn't stop them in time. Let me help you deal with it.”
Logan: “Certainly. If you can find out when and where the plan to use the poison, we can shut Two-Blade Pete down for good.”
Hero: “Pete's gang knows I was here. When none of his people return from this job, Two-Blade will be out for my blood.”
Countess Anise: “Don't worry. My magic can disguise you as a common bandit. You can walk among them, and they'll never know it's you.”
Logan: “We'll give you the location of their hideout. It's dangerous, but if you're willing, I know you can handle it.”
Hero: “Consider it done. I want to put Two-Blade Pete out of business even more than you do.”
Anise: “Very well, then. I'll cat it on you now, but the disguise won't activate until you're close to the bandit's headquarters.”
Logan: “When you're ready, head to this location on your map. My scouts tell me Pete's men are hiding there. You'll be on your own.”

Talk with both Logan and Anise after the cutscene for some last minute personality trait boosts. After that, just finish out the mission. Choose your reward and you are off to “Going Undercover.”