63 – Mt. Coronet to the Stone Pillar

Make for Oreburgh now that you have finished up in Veilstone. It is time to conquer what is left of Mt. Coronet. Take a moment to make sure that you Pokemon with the following HMs: Rock Climb, Strength, Surf. Head up onto Route 207, hop on your bike to speed up the sandy slope. From there, head to the right to reach Mt. Coronet. Inside, head upwards and surf across the first body of water. After you surf across, grab the item ball that you see just up the nearby stairs. It has a Protein inside it. Head to the right, carefully walking along the ledge so you can use Rock Climb to reach the set of stairs above you. Take those to continue on your way.

Head up and to the left. Take a moment to grab the item ball that has a Max Repel inside it. After that, keep going to the left. Soon, you will find a boulder you need to push down. Pull out Strength and push it out of your way. Head downwards before you continue to grab the next item ball that has an Escape Rope inside it.

After you grab the Escape Rope, you can head  to the left and outside for a minute to Route 207. There you can grab two item balls with a Timer Ball and an Iron inside the other. After that, head back into Mt. Coronet.

Now, head upwards, across the short bridge. Take a moment ot go downwards to grab the item ball you likely saw on your way up and over the bridge, by the exit to Route 207. It has TM 80, Rock Slide, in it. Head back up and keep going upwards. After you go u pthe next set of stairs, break to the left briefly to grab the item ball there as it has a Max Revive inside it. Then make to the right, up the stairs and across the bridge. After that, loop to the left, under the bridge and keep going to the left. As you approach the next doorway, Looker will catch up to you and fill you in on what is going on with Team Galactic. He will give you the Black Flute, which  will repel Pokemon. Head into the doorway and follow the path ahead upwards.

Here, you can either go up and progress, or take a quick detour to the right. Going right you will find an apparently empty room. Give you drowsing app a quick ping to find the item hidden at the rock, a Star piece. Head back and go upwards and to the left. You will see a Grunt just waiting to be beat. She will send out a Stunky lvl. 43. Follow this path and you will find another Grunt in your way. This one has a Murkrow lvl. 43. Keep going down to reach the outside area.

Here you want to go to the right then up. Either you can go through the grass or just take the stairs and avoid the grass all together. When you reach the end of this part, note that there is a place you can use Rock Climb. Take that up and go to the left, down, left and up, back into Mt. Coronet.

Follow the path forward (up the wall) and to the right. You will encounter another Grunt will fight you with two Houndour at lvl. 40, and a Golbat lvl. 40. The next Grunt has a Stunky lvl. 42 and Golbat lvl. 40.  Just keep following the path to the right, going down the stairs and out the door.

Keep following the path, taking the stairs to the left. Head up and climb the wall. Head up and to the right. Take the stairs upwards and go into the opening that you see there. Keep following the path there.  You will find more Grunts in your way.  The first one has  Houndour lvl. 40 and Glameow lvl. 42. The next one has a Glameow lvl. 41 and Globat lvl. 41. The third one has Golbat lvl. 40, Croagunk lvl. 40 and Murkrow lvl. 41. Keep going upwards to find your destination.

There you will find a pair of Grunts waiting for you. They will challenge you with Croagunk lvl. 39, Stunky lvl. 41, Croagunk lvl. 41 and Glameow lvl. 41.

Keep going up and you will be facing a Double battle with Mars and Jupiter. This time though, you have some back-up, your Rival.
Mars has Bronzor lvl. 44, Golbat lvl. 44 and Purguly lvl. 46
Jupiter has Bronzor lvl. 44, Golbat lvl. 44 and Skuntank lvl. 46.

At the conclusion of the battle, your Rival will heal your Pokemon and let you move on.

After this, you will find something very interesting happening thanks to Cyrus. You will find an entry into the Distortion World.

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