Guild Wars 2 – Metrica Province Skill Challenges

1 – Loch Jezt Skill Challenge:
Head over to the East to reach the skill challenge. There you will find the warrior Utcua. He is lvl. 3. Approach and talk with her to begin the fight. She have a spear and knows very well how to use it. Keep on the move for the lightly armored. Aside from that, just daze him and bring the most pain that you can to him quickly.

2 – The Funhouse Skill Challenge:
Found to the Southwest of the Old golem Factory Waypoint you will locate a gate you can smash through. Inside you will find an Inquest lab. Fight your way over to the short Western passage, which is the second left turn you can make inside it. Head down the passage to its end. There you will find  an Arcanic Interferometer. Have it tune into the mysterious frequency to summon Veteran Master Genius Jettz (a Lvl. 7 Golem) and his 2 Assistants (Lvl. 6)

3 – Oola Skill Challenge
Head to the South from the Cuatl Waypoint. There you will find the Oola Skill Point. A holographic projection of Oola will be sitting there to enrich you. Go through the panes you will need to answer the following Questions:
oola in charge, you are not. Dangerous experiments so know your place
1 – Who am I? - Oola, Lab Genius
2 – What is the second rule of the lab – I am not in charge
3 – What are the two important ideas that were destined to collide? - Necromancy and Golemancy
4 – What are we? - We embody magic

4 – Cuatl Morass Skill Point:
Head into the Hylek Village and over to the western portion of it. There you will find some Cuatl Health Goo. Interact with it some to collect some of the goo. Open up your inventory and use it. You will gain a skill point and turn red for a few minutes.

5 – Michoan Mash Skill Challenge:
Head over to the Southeastern portion of the swamp. You will find the entrance to a small structure there. It is guarded by golems that need to be killed to get through. Head inside it and you will come across a control panel. Interact with it to find Golemancer Gitt and his 2 Prototype golems. Gitt is Lvl. 11 and his 2 golems are Lvl. 12

6 – Luminates Plant Skill Point
Head over to the Luminates Electrical Plant and look for the pit with the hovering cube above it. Drop down into it and then head to the Southeast. You may encounter a lvl. 12 Veteran Air Elemental, but that is the only hazard of the area. Approach the Luminates Plant and commune with it. You will gain the skill point after you finish that.

7 – Outer Inquest Complex
Head into the back right portion of the complex. There you will find Black Ice 4444. Talk with to being your “lesson”. Black Ice 4444 is a Lvl. 13 Golem that hits very hard. Keep on the move or just attempt to match it toe to toe. It helps some to have aid or to have some nice armor to back you up.

8 – Thaumanova Reactor skill Challenge
Head to the Northeastern pond of the Reactor. Where the reactor meets the pond you will find an Ancient Elemental Fire Energy. Investigate it to unleash a Veteran Ancient Ember and its 2 minions. All of them are lvl. 15. Once they are all defeated then you will gain the skill point. It helps to have some aid.