Guild Wars 2 – Plains of Ashford Skill Challenges

Tela Range Skill Challenges:
Here you will find the skill point sitting just to the Northwest of Gunbreach Hills. There you will find Centurion Titus Gearclaw. Talk with him to begin the skill challenge. He is a Lvl. 5 engineer who loves his explosives and throwing mines.

Ashford Forum Skill Challenge:
Head to the hunt just to the left of the Crafting Area. There you will find Centurion Micka Thickblood. She is a Lvl. 13 melee combatant. She will give chase and is decently powerful. Respect her and it will be a good fight.

Devast District Skill Challenge:
Head East around from the Ashford Forum into the Devast District. You will find the skill challenge in the form of a large sword sticking into the ground. This will summon Captain mattox and his 3 man Vanguard. You will need to fight, and defeat all 4 of them. They are all Lvl. 11 and of varied skills. Just keep on guard and attack at a moment's notice. If you can hit all of them at once, all the better.

Lake Adorea Skill Challenge:
Head to the Southwestern edge of the lake. You will find a slope that leads up through a group of bats and Imps. Fight your way through them to reach the Skill Challenge at the Southern part of the lake. There you will find an Effigy Core. Investigate it to get the option to load the core into the effigy to test it. This places you against a Lvl. 10 Flame Legion Engineer, the Glame Legion Blademaster who is likely to appear and a Lvl. 10 Veteran Prototype Effigy. Keep moving around for this fight and watch out for the Effigy's attacks as they are very hard hitting

Ruins of Ascalon City Skill Point:
Head into the lake that sits where some of Ascalon City once was. Where there is an underwater rise you will find an orb of power. Commune with it to gain the skill point resting there. This lake is found to the Southwest of the Ascalon City Waypoint.

Ascalon City Skill Challenge:
Head over to the East from the Ascalon City Waypoint. After you travel past the Heart of the Foefire Point of interest start looking to the Northeast. You will notice a stairway leading up into the buildings. Take these stairs upwards. They are heavily guarded at the top by a number of different Ascalonian Ghosts, a few of which are veterans. This makes just getting there a challenge. Once there, and you are past the final traces of the Ascalonian Ghosts, you will find the Skill Point. Commune with this place of power to draw out the Skill Point and complete this section.