Guild Wars 2 – Awakening

After you have finished the introduction mission talk with the Warden Requisitioner. They will present you with any gear that you had collected within the Dream and allow you to use it in the World of Tyria. Head off into the Caledon Forest and seek out one of the renown hearts.

After completing the first renown mission you will reveal a letter telling you that your help is needed to find and aid a knight: Tiachren. He has been afflicted with a poison: Rotsap. The first stop you need to make is that of visiting Mender Aviala:
Mender Aviala: “Hail to you sprout. You look so dour! Can I brighten your day?!”
Hero: “I have grave news. A sylvari has been injuried with a poison called 'rotsap.' I am told is used by a group called the Nightmare Court. Caithe said that you might have an antidote?”
Aviala: “Oh, that's terrible! The Nightmare Court are evil. The've turned against the pale Tree. I've seen them use this poison against sylvari who refuse to join them. I wish I could help you but I've give the last of my stock to the Wardens of Caer Verdant. The Nightmare Court has been causing trouble there.”
Hero: “Please. Caithe's letter said the sylvari's need is dire.”
Aviala: “There is one possibility, but its problematic. The nearby trolls battle the Nightmare Court as well, and suffer from the same poisons. I've heard the trolls beyond the southeast edge of the Verdence use a salve to cure the poison. If I had some, I could make it work for sylvari, too.”
Hero: “I'll find the salve and bring it you. I'll be back soon, Mender.”

Head to the Southeast of the Village of Astorea, to the South of the Verdence. There is a small lake in that area with a little tip sticking into the sand (on the map).  It is this southeastern tip that you will find the starting point of this instance.

Once there head inside and start off to the East. You will encountering a number of lvl. 3 trolls so be ready for combat. It will start with just a pair but grow from there. Head to the Southeastern corner of the instance. There you will find the salve you are looking for. It glowing and wrapped in leaves. Collect it and a Jungle Troll Chieftain will come charging at you. This thing is bigger and nastier than those you have fought before. Just get ready and set into the fight. It is still a troll so it favors melee and close range attacks. Being able to tank those hits or dodge them is not a bad way to deal with this. Just do what is best for your character overall.

With the salve, return tot he Mender. She only needs to make a quick change to allow it to work for Sylvari. It is time to rush over to Tiachren. Head to the West and North to quickly return to the Mender. After that head for the Pale Tree's city, the Grove. Head on forward to your home instance. This is where you will find Caithe with the injured Knight:
Once you have administered the antidote a cut scene will begin with everyone present:
Caithe: “Valiant! I am glad you came. Excuse my aburpt letter, but I felt this was critically important. Did you notice the knight's shield! It bears the symbol you saw in your Dream: a cresent moon, you are meant to help him. Easy, Tiachren. You're in the Grove among friends. You were poisoned, but we cured you. Tell us what happened.”
Tiachren: “They took her. I tried to fight them off, but my wounds overcame me. By the Tree, I have to help her!”
Hero: “Tiachren, wait. You're too weak to fight anyone right now. Tell us what happened, and we'll help you. I promise.”
Tiachren: “The Nightmare Court kidnapped my love, Ysvelta. We were by the brook at Caer Vedant, and before I knew it, they had grabbed and poisoned me.”
Caithe: “The court have many camps hidden throughout Caldeon Forest. Ysvelta could be anywhere. There is one person who might know. During a recent battle with the court, the Wardens took a prisoner: “Renvari. She has prestige among the Nightmare Court. They will try to free him before he can tell us their plans.”
Hero: “Then we'll lend the Warden our support if Renvari knows where they've taken Ysvelta, we'll find a way to make him talk.”
Tiachren: “Please, find out where she is. I can't bear to think what they might be doing to my love. I beg you – hurry.”