Guild Wars 2 – Support the Citizens of Beetletun

“Help Beetletun citizens maintain its prosperous reputation by killing vermin, cleaning graffiti and helping the carnival.”

Head into the town of Beetletun that sits to the North of the Farmlands. Head over to the statue whre you will find Paden. He is the son of one of the town founders:
Paden: “Hi! Have you been to Beetletun before? IT's the best city ever built! That's what my dad says, and he'd know. He helped build it.”
Hero A) “You know where I might be needed?” B) “You must know a lot about this place. Tell me about it.”
Paden A) “Dad says first impressions are really important, so anything you do to make the city look nice and prosperous would be great!”
Hero B) “For example?”
Paden B) “You could kill rats or help the carnival. Graffiti and wasps are sometimes a problem too. Oh, and if you find any of my friends, can you tell them to help out?”

it is time to start helping out the small town of Beetletun. Look around the base of nearby trees. Sometimes you will find a Wasp Nest. Approach them and just smash them. There is no chance of something suddenly making an appearance and attacking you for once. You will also find some rats throughout the city. Any time you find one just kill it with whatever attack you want.

As you wander the town, look for hidden children. Talking with them is a great way to build any of the 3 personality aspects that you could want. One is behind the tree just to the South of the Vista in town. Another is hiding behind the hedge Southwest of the statue and Paden, hiding by the door to the house. Another hidden child is found behind the house just below Beeteltun on the map, to the west of the carnival.

Another objective that is easy to do is to sweep through the town and find the Red and White graffiti that is painted on the walls. Just interact with it to wipe it away. There are a number of different places these defacements can appear. Just look around some to find plenty of them.

Once you complete the quest you will receive the letter, “You're Really Neat” with 86 copper attached:

“Hello, Hero's Name,

Beetletun looks real nice because of your help. My dad says it's never looked better! Even my lazy friends started lending a hand.

You're the best, thanks for the help – Paden”

Talk with Paden after that and he will be selling the following Karma Items:
Chewed Dog Whistle: 154 Karma
Accessory, +5 Toughness, Lvl: 12
Cloth Beetletun Chestpiece: 182 Karma
Light Armor, Defense: 41, +9 Condition Damage, Lvl: 12
Leather Beetletun Chestpiece: 182 Karma
Medium Armor, Defense: 44, +9 Power, Lvl: 12
Heavy Beetletun Chestpiece: 182 Karma
Heavy Armor, Defense: 48, +9 Healing Power, Lvl: 12